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  1. maureeng

    Caribbean resorts

    We will be visiting the Caribbean in February and wonder if anyone has any resort recommendations for Nassau Bahamas, Turks and Caicos and Montego Bay Jamaica. Appreciate any feedback.
  2. maureeng

    Getting through to Qantas call centre

    Is anyone else having trouble contacting Qantas by phone? For the last few weeks the wait time for Qantas premium has been at least 26min plus. Even then when I hold I have been disconnected after 20 min which is frustrating. Not good when you are calling from overseas. In the past I got...
  3. maureeng

    Short Layover on ORD

    Have found a great J fare from Shanghai to Miami on United. It involves a 9 hour stopover in LAX on way over ( which I don't mind as I can visit a restaurant I've been wanting to try) bout on the return there is only 56 min in ORD between flights. Bags should be checked through to Shanghai...
  4. maureeng

    Game lodge South Africa

    Can anyone recommend a good game lodge in South Africa. Preferably all inclusive. Traveling in Feb next year.
  5. maureeng

    Qantas international business lounge Sydney attitude.

    My daughter was traveling Bangkok on a Qantas reward ticket. I gave her a lounge pass to use so she got to the airport early to relax in the lounge. She was a bit anxious as it was her first overseas trip without her young children. She got to the lounge only to be told as it was a code share...
  6. maureeng

    Hanoi - Daewoo Hotel or Intercontinental Westlake?

    This will be our first trip to Vietnam and I am looking at these two hotels. Has anyone tried these and if so which one would you recommend? we are also goin to Da Nang to play golf and would love any recommendations for hotels there too. Thanks
  7. maureeng

    Which seat do you think is best?

    Hi I am flying Syd Hong Kong on 12.01.17 on QF127 ( A380) and have 13J in upper deck but can get 1A on lower deck ( single seating). usually take the upper deck on 747 but was wondering if anyone has any comments on upper or lower deck. I was going to upgrade to F with points but no F on this...
  8. maureeng

    Driver in Beijing

    Can anyone recommend a good driver in Beijing. We are moving there for work and have to find a driver as the company doesn't want us driving.
  9. maureeng

    What happened to seats opening at t-80

    Hi I tried to chose my seats from Mel - Syd and return at T-80 and noticed they had not opened up the seats as they used to. Tried again for Thursdays flight and still all blocked. I even called Qantas and she saw a better seat but when she tried to get it for me it was restricted. Closest I...
  10. maureeng

    Free 3 Emirates express passes.

    Hi I have 3 Emirates express passes if anyone would like them. Email me at [email protected] Cheers Maureen
  11. maureeng

    Blocked seats on QF412 this wednesday 17 May

    Hi I am booked on QF412 @ 7.30am this Wednesday 17/05 and have tried selecting seats from 80 hours out but most of the seats are blocked and the closest I can get is row 51. Normally I can get pretty close to the front. I called Qantas and they told me up to row 45 is blocked till check in. I...
  12. maureeng

    Are Jetstar having a laugh!!!!

    I was just quoted $471.00 ONE WAY from Melbourne to the Gold Coast for a starter fare with no check in bags!!!!!! Their fares to coughet, Ho Chi Min and Bali are cheaper. I seriously thought they were kidding me. Qantas was cheaper too. It was for 9.50am Sat 27th June. Had I been able to go a...
  13. maureeng

    Transiting through Singapore.

    Hi We are arriving into Singapore on 1st May at 23.50pm terminal 1 and departing 2nd May at 08.55 am Terminal 2 to Koh Samui in Thailand. Can we stay in the transit hotel or would we have to clear customs as we are departing from a different terminal or would it be best just to find a pay as...
  14. maureeng

    Etiquette advice please.

    We are travelling international with our friends this saturday 9th July. My husband can guest me into the F/L but our friends have only Q/P membership. I have never been in the first lounge and was really looking forward to it but we are arriving at the airport together. Would it be extremely...
  15. maureeng

    Best Islands in Fiji

    Heading to Fiji in July and would like any recommendations for Islands. Looking at Vomo, Tokoriki, Matamanoa and any others you can recommend. Has anyone been to these islands?
  16. maureeng

    Pick up service

    My husband just flew F on Qantas and they dont offer a pick up and drop off service yet when he flies Emirates or Virgin Atlantic they offer this in J class!
  17. maureeng

    Qantas guest pass

    If anyone has a guest pass they are not going to use it would be much appreciated as my son, his wife and baby are flying out on 22nd Jan and I only have one guest pass left. They dont fly enough to warrant buying a membership. Cheers Maureen
  18. maureeng

    Suggestions for a hotel in Mauritius in Feb

    Hi We are travelling to Mauritius in Feb and would like a hotel with beautiful beach on a lagoon if possible. 4-5 star. Not sure whether the East Coast or the West Coast is best. Anyone been there and have suggestions?
  19. maureeng

    Air Austral

    Has anyone flown with Air Austral and if so how was it. We are flying from Sydney to Reunion and Mauritius and have been told this is the only airline that will go direct. I had never heard of them before.
  20. maureeng

    Emirates A380 Business Class

    Just flew business class on the A380 with Emirates and was very pleased with everything. The staff were great, seating excellent, food was the best I have had to date and the bar area was a bit of fun. Loved the express customs clearance as well.:D Their lounge is also one of the best I have...