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  1. SenZubEanS

    Ask The Pilot

    QF36 in the air on it's way to MEL. Congratulations on a long and successful aviation career JB and thank you for your countless hours of contributions to this forum, A truly amazing sharing of knowledge.
  2. SenZubEanS

    Ask The Pilot

    It's now officially the 20th. The start of your final trip JB. Must admit, seeing i've never had the pleasure to meet you, I was still really sad to read that your amazing career is coming to a close. I am sure you are looking forward to retirement no doubt, but I hope that this last trip to LHR...
  3. SenZubEanS

    Ask The Pilot

    Bummer, on a LAX trip 21-31 Oct and was hoping with everything crossed that you'd be up front. :-(
  4. SenZubEanS

    Ask The Pilot

    Notice that all the replies we about how many thousands it can cost etc. For reference I am learning out of an airport not based in a major city and am paying $300 an hour with an instructor in a piper warrior.
  5. SenZubEanS

    SYD to SIN $386 return Singapore Airlines

    If these fares to Europe covered a time where the weather wasn't going to be horrible, i'd probably have been divorced this morning after having booked last night, haha.
  6. SenZubEanS

    Vietnam Airlines - Melbourne to Ho Chi Minh $516 - $550 March / April 2016

    Hi All, was just pottering around randomly for some SGN flights and saw on kayak March and April dates showing Return with VN on the 787 for $516 and $550. Was able to see the $550 also on the VN website across a variety of dates (shows as $420 before taxes). Anyway, seemed like a decent price...
  7. SenZubEanS

    Westpac Altitude 50,000 QFF points ($150 annual fee - waived for existing customers)

    Re: Westpac Altitude 50,000 QFF points ($150 annual fee - waived for existing custome Made the spend limit within the first statement period, spend points were credited but not the bonus. What's been people experience in turn around time for bonus to appear in QFF account?
  8. SenZubEanS

    LAX to LHR on NZ

    Expired now.
  9. SenZubEanS

    Ask The Pilot

    Bugger. Off on my honeymoon QF9 on the 10th Oct. Been hoping for years that you'd be flying my first QF A380 jaunt. Oh well, there is still a super slim chance your next roster might have the QF 10 Nov 5th DXB-MEL leg i suppose. Fingers crossed.
  10. SenZubEanS

    Mel-lax oct/nov rt from $444 us qantas

    Wasn't discounting it, just was not my intention to get engaged in that debate.
  11. SenZubEanS

    Mel-lax oct/nov rt from $444 us qantas

    What I was saying is I didn't check either of these sites during the day like I normally would and only checked after work last night by which time it was all wrapped up. And that an extra $1800 in my pocket would have made a great help towards the honeymoon fund.
  12. SenZubEanS

    Mel-lax oct/nov rt from $444 us qantas

    I'm not going to lie, I intermittently check AFF and OzBargain most days to see if something has popped up. I booked my honeymoon to FCO 3 days ago and so was not so keenly on the lookout for a day or two. Saw this yesterday arvo and prayed the fares were going to be cancelled so that I hadn't...
  13. SenZubEanS

    LA FRA-MAD return in Biz $192 US

    Might spend longer in MAD than your bargained for! Arkefly flight attendant accidentally releases emergency slide on tarmac
  14. SenZubEanS

    1W Milan to Brazil fares - $450 US RT.

    It's times like these I wish I knew how to search a fare like that.
  15. SenZubEanS

    AAX on sale (possibly cheapest ever?)

    Hmmm got 2pax MEL-SGN 2 days after my wedding... tempted to book just in case we want to use it and its $156 to get there for the both. Then we're open ended n options... Rush decisions, probably not the best idea for a start of a honeymoon.
  16. SenZubEanS

    AAX on sale (possibly cheapest ever?)

    bugger, why didnt i get an email on this. dates disappearing a i search now!
  17. SenZubEanS

    Cheap PAL flights .au to Japan

    Didn't last long . . . .
  18. SenZubEanS

    MEL-LAX fr $742, SYD-LAX $757, BNE-LAX $758, Return Air New Zealand

    EDIT - Ok, looks like it is still working, very select on the dates though.
  19. SenZubEanS

    ANZ Platinum, 50k bonus QFF points after $1500 spend, no annual fee first year

    Doh'! I toyed with the idea of rushing one through and saying i submitted on 25th but site played up and i had to re-do, but figured was FAR too likely to not work in my favor so decided against it.
  20. SenZubEanS

    ANZ Platinum, 50k bonus QFF points after $1500 spend, no annual fee first year

    Damn it, i would find this at 11:59PM....