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  1. yo yo ma

    Port Moresby Crowne Plaza advice needed

    Confirming with Tawita that you can access the new paradise lounge in POM with QF status but you must have a QF flight number. The new lounge (and airport as a whole) is a huge improvement on the old one - it is actually quite pleasant going there. There are a lot of new new shops, bars and...
  2. yo yo ma

    Jetstar "Take a friend for free" sale

    No - just SYD-MCY.
  3. yo yo ma

    World's best selling beers

    My friend works at Dan Murphy's (QLD) - he said their biggest seller by far is Corona (10 pallets) and second is xx_X Gold (2 pallets). I guess VB would be more popular down south.
  4. yo yo ma

    Jetstar "Take a friend for free" sale

    No sorry... different route and came up with 0.00 for the bundle which I included. That is why I hope the s/c still credit.
  5. yo yo ma

    Jetstar "Take a friend for free" sale

    I received that plus bundle price for a JQ flight in July - I am hoping the points and s/c still post correctly
  6. yo yo ma

    Gude from PNG

    Welcome from another PNG expat!
  7. yo yo ma

    The value of a QFF point

    Also depends when the competition quoted was held... may have been years ago? I agree the figures quoted are hopelessly out of date.
  8. yo yo ma

    PNG Trip Report

    Thanks for the TR and great photos... I was at the Airways in December and they let me poolside without any fees... I guess it depends who is working or maybe I am a bit of a regular there? Another option is the Gateway Hotel as they also have a free shuttle (not as nice as the Airways though).
  9. yo yo ma

    10 pts / $ for Qantas Vouchers - Back for Xmas 2014

    My 50k bonus points have showed up in the account :)
  10. yo yo ma

    New LAX Qantas/oneworld lounge at TBIT

    QF LAX F lounge opens - TBIT QF opens new lounge in time for Christmas and ahead of schedule... looks very nice! Qantas First Lounge for first class and platinum flyers opens at Los Angeles airport
  11. yo yo ma

    Lounge Meets November 2014

    Thur 13 Nov Port Moresby 0830-0930 Cairns 1130-1230 Guest spots taken
  12. yo yo ma

    Family holiday in Japan advice/questions.

    We have recently got back from Japan with 3 kids in tow (aged 7 - 13). Some tips we found: Try okonomyaki in Hiroshima Hiroshima museum was great for the kids Trains were fast, easy to navigate and efficient If you are getting JR rail passes, buy them in Australia If in Kyoto the Samurai sword...
  13. yo yo ma

    Family holiday in Japan advice/questions.

    Agreed... there are laundromats around to do washing (buy the powder at Family Mart). This helps keeping your luggage down.
  14. yo yo ma

    Medibank Private offer - anyone in?

    I'm in for the long-term... Hopefully they will be as good as CSL who listed at 0.77c in June 1994. They are now $80.19 at the close on Friday.
  15. yo yo ma

    Qantas FF meeting brisbane

    more handsome? Lol
  16. yo yo ma

    Qantas FF meeting brisbane

    I'm here with GPH
  17. yo yo ma

    Should I go to Iraq?

    Thanks for all the input & thanks Cyrmu for your great post. As an update, our company has suspended operations over there until things settle down. So, I currently don't have a choice and am staying put. Will update any changes.
  18. yo yo ma

    Should I go to Iraq?

    Mature... me? My wife would say not. :)
  19. yo yo ma

    Should I go to Iraq?

    Thanks smithy... great to read some advice from someone on the ground. We would be flying to DBX-ISU (Sulaimaniyah) airport.
  20. yo yo ma

    Should I go to Iraq?

    After over 8 years in PNG I guess I am after a change... so far I have been lucky and haven't had any security issues in PNG. The people have been great.