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    Replacement card

    So, my current card is due for expiry in October, so looking forward to receiving the new metal card. However I will be overseas for most of the month. I enquired (through Amex's webchat) as to when the replacement card was likely to be sent to me. When they said it would be sent on the 15th I...
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    Qantas goes retro [To improve Brand Loyalty?]

    RetroRoo: John Travolta unveils Qantas plane If Qantas wants to restore brand loyalty, perhaps a better way would be to invest in some modern planes, give passengers a little more leg room and make their prices more competitive. But hey, if they think a paint job from the 70s will do the...
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    More flights to Hawaii

    Aloha! Airlines add more flights as Australians flock to Hawaii
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    Chip and PIN cards

    Have had an interesting/confusing couple of days talking to Amex about what's happening with the transition to chip and PIN cards. I had a merchant remind me over the weekend that from 1 August I would not be able to sign for a transaction, but would need to use a PIN (my current card does not...
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    booking ahead for Jetstar

    Hi all I seem to only be able to book flights on Jetstar up to about 10 months in the future. Specifically want to travel SYD-HNL around early October, but there aren't any flight after the 5th. I thought you could book up to a year ahead?
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    Centurion selection criteria

    Received an offer to take up a Centurion card in the mail. Certainly can't justify the expense, and I'm struggling to see any real benefit over my Platinum charge card. But what I'm really curious about is why on earth I was sent the invitation in the first place?!? I really don't spend all...
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    Does Qantas actively discourage flight redemptions?

    Here's the situation... I live in Sydney. I want to fly from SYD to LAX on Business Class using points. It will let me do it, but I need to go via BNE. Now the strange thing is, if I lived in Brisbane and wanted to fly the very same days, it will route me through SYD. In other words, whatever...