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    Hotels via Virgin Australia Holidays - Read the T&Cs before booking

    Just a note of caution in making bookings via the new Virgin Australia Holidays (Zuji) portal which has replaced Agoda. Even if the hotel description says that the reservation is cancellable up to the day before - this is the hotel's conditions. Virgin Australia Holidays will (per the sites...
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    Have VA 'enhanced' Agoda? [Yes!]

    I've had a couple of stays through the Virgin Australia Holidays (Zuji) portal and can confirm that the 100% bonus for WP hasn't been dropped. The other advantage was that the points were also credited on the next business day. That is where the advantages end. As others have said, the site is...
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    B77W Business Class Seat Map - Updated!

    It's already on its inaugural. It will go back to LA tomorrow (2nd) for its first SYD-LAX. So you are at least a few days out for the inaugural.
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    B77W Business Class Seat Map - Updated!

    And since you are delayed, probably best not to put a photo of the new seat on your Facebook page with "The world awaits. Where to next?" (implying international travel) on April 13th as you continue pushing back the first flight with the new product.. [Edit - I guess it might have been for...
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    B77W Business Class Seat Map - Updated!

    Seat maps have come back and still showing Saturday 23rd with the new configuration for VA2; and still showing daily SYD-LAX from around mid-May. Given the delays on this first frame - you would think they would be a bit more conservative on given people expectations of flying on a refit when...
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    B77W Business Class Seat Map - Updated!

    Seat maps on VA1 and VA2 have disappeared off Expert Flyer for the next couple of weeks again - and seat selection has been disabled for my upcoming flights in late May. Wonder if this points to yet another delay.
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    Platinum - replacement bag tags??

    I've requested new tags maybe every two years of being Platinum. Always managed to get two. That said, last year when I requested, they sent me a total of six new membership/GlobalWallet cards (each in a separate package) and I had to go back and remind them it was baggage tags I asked for - and...
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    What is happening with Premium fares?

    You must be lucky kaelo - I usually need to look a bit further out (particularly to ensure you get there and back) - luckily my travel is usually fairly predictable. I just did a quick search. There are only 3 days between now and Christmas with a J award seat SYD-LAX. BNE-LAX is the sweet...
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    What is happening with Premium fares?

    In my experience for SYD-LAX you'll probably need to look even further out. There always seems to be more availability BNE-LAX; so its always worth looking at your options for going via BNE if thats an option for your travel.
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    What is happening with Premium fares?

    Only if there is an award seat available to book into. I think bendennis is indicating that all the J awards are gone and the only options for upgrade are into the W cabin. These days you really need to forward plan if you want to book or upgrade on points - the award seats are taken up quite...
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    Agoda showing Less hotels available when booking through VA

    At the final stage of booking through the VA portal you get the option of logging in with your Agoda account. My experience is that to date I have received both VA points and Agoda points for every booking. I've just used Agoda points to book a free four night stay. This might have changed as I...
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    VA marketing don't seem to let facts pester them!

    Not my experience. Laptops and notebooks to be stowed, tablets and phones could be held in hand on each domestic flight I've had lately. As with many things at VA - probably some inconsistency in how this one is policed. Laptops also to be powered off - as gate to gate only applies to handheld...
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    Earn VA points from early next year at BP

    Original announcement said 'fuel and retail spend' so I suspect its on total checkout.
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    BNE to Kuala Lumpur on a Virgin partner - any recommendations?

    Hi Rdarby, call the Platinum desk (or email them if you have plenty of time before the flight) and ask them for the SQ PNR (which will be different than the one VA issue), this should then let you select seats via the SQ site or by calling SQ directly.
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    Virgin Business Class Upgrade for International flights

    Hi eolas. I purchased a flexi Y SYD-MPX from Virgin and then upgraded the SYD-AUH and AUH-SYD legs on VA metal to J no worries. I flew the forward leg early this week - J on SYD-AUH and then into Y for the Abu Dhabi to Milan leg. If you are worried - find someone at the call Centre who agrees...
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    Newbie question: best use of VFF for SYD-YVR

    Someone else will correct me if I'm wrong - but another thing going against this option is that I am pretty sure that rewards seats and upgrades come from the same bucket. If there are 2-3 reward seats available, once you snap them up - there is unlikely to be any upgrades available on the same...
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    Differing standards in airport security during check in.

    Sydney Lounge Premium Entry - available to J and PE guests and Gold and Platinum members. Enter curb side next to the VA Premium Valet.
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    Agoda woes already

    What was the outcome of the retro claim. Not all hotels will allow you to enter your VFF number - even via the Velocity portal for Agoda. I notice that most Marriott's for example will not - and its usually in the case of rates where Agoda does not do the actual charge (where the charge is...
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    VA travel insurance offer

    Also a fan. The one time I've ever had to make a claim - all went pretty smoothly.
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    VA travel insurance offer

    Always swings and roundabouts on limits with insurance policies, but the equivalent Worldwide annual policy with TID is only $339 and gives you $12,000 coverage on your luggage/personal effects (versus $5k on this policy; won't go very far is you lose your carryon with a DSLR and laptop in it)...