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    Air New Zealand and Virgin Australia Airlines Announce New-look Joint Network

    so........ when do we get Canberra to Wellington/Auckland/Christcurch instead of having to hub through Sydney/Brisbane or Melbourne. This would save us 5 hours wasted wait and commute time. I know the Canberra Airport Owners are keen for direct flights. And there is ample cashed up residents...
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    Lowest QFF Account Numbers

    I found my Australian Airlines Flight Deck card t'other day; member number 0024xx_.:shock: My current QFF Qantas Pub no is 37xx_XX. There was a significant interval before I had a job again which required lots of flying. Those were the days when we had proper food in the planes with metal...
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    New Qantas Meeting Rooms

    The Qantas club is being reconfigured in Sydney so that 2/3rds is Qantas Pub and 1/3 is separate Business Lounge. The PC areas and meeting rooms are also being retained although in different spots. The entire floor is going to be revamped with new decor. The business lounge will take up the...
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    Au Government flights

    I think from memory most Govt departments use Qantas, AMEX or FCM as their booking agents. Our Dept recently excluded QP membership from being paid for thru the salary agreement, but we can pay our own and get FF points. Our own FF points we can use to upgrade if we wish. We get best fare...
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    Airport Security, as consistent as (add words here).

    ASIC is "aviation security identification card". I have to take it with me when travelling for work to check out airports for various reasons.:cool:
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    Airport Security, as consistent as (add words here).

    My best experience with "security" was in Sydney Int terminal when after passing through all the checkpoints I was singled out for the explosive wand treatment. The 'droid did his stuff and then fed the thing into the machine and nothing happened - kept trying, still nothing - then tried to fit...
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    Virgin challenges Qantas on US route

    Excellent point about intra region. I suppose I am thinking about a more modified ticketing type of ATW. For example I last travelled to Asia and Europe with QF and AY on a tie-up fare structure which basically allowed you to buy a mix of Y and J fare base. The rules allowed 4 stopovers and 2...
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    Virgin challenges Qantas on US route

    With DJ getting the Aus-US link up you will already have an alternative ATW ticketing with Malaysian, Virgin Atlantic, and Virgin Blue plus Emirates. I think you will find some interesting ticketing arrangements happening between these airlines which opens up the city choice enormously. That...
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    New Qantas trip noisier and dearer

    We get crash-8s into and out of CBR. Nothing wrong with them. Can get a bit cramped for some. However, somehow I think that Qantas should have left the domestic brand alone as an individual entity and kept the mangy roo as the international flag. I liked Ta Ta and AA and Ansett and liked flying...
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    Basically what the German court(s) held is irrelevant to Australia. The full Federal Court held that the points were personal (as the individual had paid for the FF membership and the contract for the points was between the airline and the member who paid) and the Airlines indicated that who...
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    Some years ago a certain bank large bank took an employee to court because she was using her points for private purposes. The bank paid for the fare but the employee paid for the FF membership and I think the relevant club lounge out of her own pocket. The Federal court held that the bank was...
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    RE: AVOD on A330-300

    AVOD on all the A330 routes I have flown recently (Singapore and HongKong out of Brisbane and back) have all worked fine. And yes you do have to be patient with the response on the controls, but at least the system worked all the time with a wide variety of programming. It is a pity the...
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    Qantas OLCI very soon

    That will be great as then I don't have to arrive at the airport so early in the morning to avoid the queues! Or more time in QP for brekkie!