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    Woolworths backflips - QF points are coming back

    Points are back, press releases to follow. Also adding the ability to turn $10 of reward points into 870 QFF points.
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    EDR Targeted Bonus Point Promotions

    Everyday Rewards is being rebranded and QFF points are being removed. Rebranding by the end of October. Points are either being removed at the same time or by the end of the year.
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    EDR Targeted Bonus Point Promotions

    Earn them while you can, as you won't be able to for much longer.
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    ALL QF's 330's to get lay flat Business seating - Including Domestic

    It appears that one way to guarantee getting an upgraded bird is to get a red eye out of PER From the Qantas Perth-Singapore press release that I can't link to due to post count
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    Qantas Red Planet

    Shopper Preferences Received 300 points for completing it.
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    Research & book AA "Non-refundable "/"Instant Upgrade"/"YUPP" fare to maximise SC's

    Re: Research & book AA "Non-refundable "/"Instant Upgrade"/"YUPP" fare to maximise SC Something to consider when planning is that AA points appear to be posted to your account Tuesday evening/early Wednesday morning AEST and the cutoff for flights that will get posted that week is somewhere...
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    Discussion/Q&A on Best QF Status Run Options

    Re: Best Status Run Options - A quick overview! Hi, been doing some research on this and other flights for a possible trip in Feb and have a couple of queries. When I put LAS-LAX-JFK-MIA-SJU into it spits back LAS-LAX-(red eye)-BOS-JFK-DCA-MIA-SJU for 842USD. Does that equal 480 SC? I'm...