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    Amex just gave me 10,000 points

    I got the call last week (Friday I think) as well, firstly I thought it was a scam, since they needed to confirm my address, so I said is there a way to ensure this really is from Amex, she said I can call the number on the back of my card to confirm and she'd call me back soon. I did, Amex...
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    Citi Bank Rewards - something strange

    If you haven't already, I would quickly transfer them to a frequent flyer scheme or get some rewards/gift cards because you don't know how long they'll stay there and if they'll realise it was a mistake and take them back! Its not like you stole anything, maybe the system ran a lottery and your...
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    Advice: Points for Credit Redemption

    Well, I ended up selling a lot of stuff on eBay and kept my points instead, I think that was the best option possible!! :D
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    Advice: Points for Credit Redemption

    Good suggestion, thanks. Checked and it was only I think Freedom furniture and some other jewellery shop vouchers with discounts, not really helpful. I think I might just do a cash advance on my Citibank visa, they have a promo of 9.99% for 12 months, paying some interest is probably better...
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    Advice: Points for Credit Redemption

    Thanks for the tip, I called and tried to see if they'd offer something better but no go, they said they can only offer what's currently in the system. I will probably try to avoid cashing out the points but not sure yet.
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    Advice: Points for Credit Redemption

    Hi all, I'm thinking about doing the 130,000 points for $1,000 cash redemption, because I need the cash (property purchase) but was wondering if anyone knows of any special offers for cash redemptions either current or coming up in the next few weeks? I know points for cash is not the best...
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    BP Bonus Points Promotion

    I've made 2 eligible purchases at BP, the first over a month ago and still no bonus points credited to my account! I've got a Rewards Maximiser, I called Amex yesterday and all she could suggest was that it could be because these transactions are still on the current statement or in fact I will...
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    BP Bonus Points Promotion

    That's the most viable option I reckon! Only flaw in this reasoning is that if you resell vouchers its very hard to sell them for face value, because in the eyes of most a voucher is not worth as much as cash, unless its a prepaid Visa card, does BP sell those? If so that could be a very nice...
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    BP Bonus Points Promotion

    That's great Lindsay, unfortunately I don't drive that much so I only fill up about once a month! On average I will probably fill up with BP every 2-3 tanks, so not that frequently, interesting why I got the bonus 1000 points plus 5pts/$ combo. I might just have to drive a bit more in the...
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    BP Bonus Points Promotion

    Its on the very front page, well there's a small 2/3 size flap that you open, on that flap it says "Mr xx_X At last, buying fuel gives you something in return" Open the flap and on the "front" page it says: Earn 1,000 Membership Rewards bonus points for your first spend at BP. (Just for...
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    BP Bonus Points Promotion

    At least for me this is a small consolation since I never knew about the other major promo with the 10k bonus points, never got a card for it and hadn't been on here in a while, I guess I've learned my lesson!
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    BP Bonus Points Promotion

    There were no codes to enter, I think it is a smaller targeted promotion. I have been using a Rewards Mazimiser for the past 18 months or so, also have a Amex Gold and Qantas co-branded Amex which I haven't used in a long time. So I'd imagine its probably only applicable if you've received...
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    BP Bonus Points Promotion

    Has anyone else received a leaflet in the mail last week about a BP Bonus Points promo? Its personalised so I'm guessing it only applies to some people? The deal is: 1000 bonus points on your first spend of $50 or more at BP 5 bonus points per $1 spent on each transaction of $50 or more...
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    How long for Taxi charges to appear on Amex?

    I've had cab fares take a month or more to appear on my Amex statement but usually they are there in a few days at most. Apparently a lot of cabbies prefer to use the manual system because at the end of their shift they can take the receipts to the depot and get cashed out on the spot, doing it...
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    Citibank upgrading fee free Gold to fee free Platinum

    I thought Citi were pretty strict that you cannot apply for another card, credit limit increase or upgrade unless you've had the account for at least 6months, can anyone confirm? I got my upgrade a week ago, I was a bit surprised as well. Initially I thought it was a sweetener thrown in since...
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    Best credit card for shopping voucher

    Amex from time to time have promos where they reduce the number of points needed for vouchers or better still for cashback, I think last time they did it it was around 11,500 points for $100 cash or $100 voucher, pretty good especially if you have a Rewards Maximiser and get 1.5 points per $ spent.
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    Earth+ - Bonus 15,000 Qantas Frequent Flyer points and Free QFF membership

    $30k credit limit on a pension how on Earth (pun intended) do they manage that!! I previously had an Earth card which I cancelled after the double points promo and a string of bad experiences which had a credit limit over $20k. I have since applied for the Earth+ promo and got offered less than...
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    [Offer Closed]: Citibank Gold NO ANNUAL FEE FOR LIFE

    Man what did you buy? A property on your Visa card??! :cool:
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    30000 Qantas points - Qantas American Express Premium Card

    I'm happy to report that I got my bonus points of the first $1000 spent, and they were credited the next day, even though I was told it can take up to 2 months, so i'm very happy on that count! However, I have 3 Amex cards and all 3 are almost maxed out currently due to buying a car through...
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    40000 points for Ultimate Card

    Damn, just when I got the Gold card with the 30,000 point offer, they bring out a new one for 40,000 on the ultimate! Oh well i'm still happy and I talked my way out of the annual fee as well which I didn't think i'd be able to do, so i'm doubly happy!!