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    50SC on offer with BP

    Has anyone else had something like this happen? Could be the cause if you're still waiting on the status credits like I am: I completed the 5th $50 transaction on 29 Sep. On 30 Sep, the expected points showed up in my QFF activity statement. But when I log in to the BP Rewards site, no...
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    RACQ have suspended sales of 4% off Coles gift cards

    It looks that they've changed again: still only 2.5% discount, but now a much more reasonable up to $500 worth per week.
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    What's the best travel upgrade you've received?

    I've only had one free flight upgrade, and my guess it was the result of a system glitch. About a decade ago Qantas had an offer where even the cheapest international economy tickets were eligible for points upgrades. I requested the upgrade for my Sydney to Narita trip, thinking my chances were...
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    Free [gone] 2x Qantas general lounge passes, exp 31 Oct 2019

    The passes are now spoken for.
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    Free [gone] 2x Qantas general lounge passes, exp 31 Oct 2019

    I have two passes which expire at the end of October. Free to a good home. If interested, PM me with your QFF number and surname. First in, best dressed. In terms of where these can be used: Notice: Lounge invitations are not currently accepted at Perth - Qantas International Business Lounge...
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    Free 1x Qantas lounge invite, expires 02 July 2019

    I have an invite available free to whoever wants it, on a first come basis. Expires Tuesday, so you'd need to be travelling soon. It's a "general" invite - ie. domestic Qantas Club, or international business lounges operated by Qantas (except LAX). Edit: The invite is online, and also I just...
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    Checking though luggage Qantas/Emirates

    Yes, also HKG. Scheduled approx 6 hrs between flights. It'll be less due to fog.
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    Checking though luggage Qantas/Emirates

    I've just checked in at Sydney this morning. This was my experience: Combination of a paid booking on Qantas, followed by an award booking on Emirates using QF points. It ended up taking about 10-15 minutes to get checked in and bag tagged to my final destination. Check in agent said not...
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    40,000 QFF points for $74?

    Thanks, I ended up doing this. Good thing I had the Toll tracking data loaded on my phone - the staff in store seemed sceptical that they had the delivery, but eventually went looking in the backroom. According to Vodafone's site, it's still "being delivered".
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    40,000 QFF points for $74?

    For those who selected click and collect, did you get any notification your order was ready to pick up?
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    Pay bill through Paypal by using Amex card, but still only receive 0.5 rewards points

    Anyone else finding their Amex card not available when paying Telstra bills through Paypal? Trying to pay newest bill and my Westpac-branded/Amex-issued card isn't available as an option, even though I used it to pay last month's bill. Logging into separately still shows the Amex...
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    Qantas, As if I Really Care

    Silver here, received it.
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    Hilton Honors Macquarie Platinum Card

    I signed up for the card in December, have put through spend and can see the following in my points activity through the Hilton Honors site: 16 Jan 2018 MACQUARIE ONBOARDING FREE NIGHT CERT Am I right in thinking I should have received an email with my certificate or something along those...
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    Another QF 50% SC offer

    I've had two or three targeted offers in the past year or so. Each time, I had been logged into the Qantas site and was doing some dummy bookings to - for example - Bangkok, looking at options for a potential trip, but didn't end up going through with it. A day or two later Qantas sent me an...
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    FJ Status Credits

    Just under two weeks based on my experience earlier this year: Flights on 11 March posted 23 March. Flights on 22-24 March (international date line) posted 5 April.
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    Booked using Qantas credit voucher - which conditions apply?

    Just as a data point for anyone in the future with the same question: Having re-read the conditions of the original booking, I was confident enough to go ahead and request the refund online. (I figured worst case scenario, I'd be calling Qantas to argue the point with them). Anyway, no...
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    Booked using Qantas credit voucher - which conditions apply?

    I was hoping someone may have come across something similar and can share their experiences: Earlier this year I booked 2x Qantas premium economy sale fares Sydney-Hong Kong, for June. Things came up meaning we weren't able to do the trip. I cancelled and generated a voucher. The original fare...
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    Denied access at Singapore airport lounge with rewards black

    I got in to the Oasis lounge without any issues using my ANZ black card on the 11th of October, so it looks like the issue has been sorted.
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    Long time lurker needs help. DRW-NRT booking.

    Are you ticking "Search Qantas & Partner Classic Awards"? The 25k figure sounds like it'd be for a classic award. There may or may not be an award available for the particular dates you want.