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  1. rlarosa

    London Hiltons - Which is the best

    My favourite is the Hilton Waldorf. Great location next to Covent Garden and full of charm. The bar is a great place for a drink and the lounge is perfectly fine, if on the smaller side.
  2. rlarosa

    MEL Terminal 4 - Is there a more poorly designed experience?

    Re: Jetstar MEL Terminal-Is there a more poorly designed experience ? I remember sitting in the old demountable at SYD to catch an Impulse Airlines flight in 2000 - where the DHL building currently is. That was pretty bad!!
  3. rlarosa

    SQ242 772 to 773

    Booked some flights to SIN and LHR last night, and happy to see that SQ 242 is being upgraded soon to a 773, not the 772 with the extremely old Y seats and screens. SQ242 up to SIN is a great option for leaving out of SYD at 6/7pm without losing a day at work, and always travel back SQ211 which...
  4. rlarosa

    Indian eVisa

    Hi All Just wondering if anyone has used the relatively new service to get an eVisa online for India? In the past I've lodged my applications at the Indian Visa office in Sydney. I'm tepmted to use the eVisa service this time but not if it is going to mean having to fuss around on arrival. The...
  5. rlarosa

    VA Plat Hilton Offer

    Ah yes you're right. I think I had Jan in my mind as I'm staying at the Hilton KL in Jan and so focused on still being diamond at the time!
  6. rlarosa

    VA Plat Hilton Offer

    good news, thanks guys. I assume it will be best to wait until my current diamond status runs up in Jan before opting in to the offer again.
  7. rlarosa

    VA Plat Hilton Offer

    Hi All Apologies if this has been covered elsewhere, couldn't seem to find an answer. I was VA Plat, and took up the offer to receive Hilton Diamond Status, which ends in January. I haven't stayed enough to retain that level of status. I didn't retain VA Plat status either, and have spent the...
  8. rlarosa

    Flying Safe - Medics Onboard Qantas

    Coming in to this late but you might find these links interesting. This is the company that most of the major airlines work with: Health and travel safety services for passengers and crew of airlines business aviation and yachts Medical Advisory Services- MedLink
  9. rlarosa

    I'll do whatever it takes to avoid Emirates Economy on the 773.

    Great report, and a good reminder about what Y is like on EK. It's been nearly 10 years since I flew with them but vowed never again. These days I'll happily pay the extra to fly SQ who operate their 777's with a 3-3-3 layout.
  10. rlarosa

    Taxi drivers. Best and worst. ?

    I'm a big fan of Singapore taxis. Clean, cheap and efficient. And they don't hassle you if you are only going a short distance. Every time I get in a cab here teh drivers complain about how quiet it is. I often think of the cheap taxis in Singapore and how often they are used and wonder if more...
  11. rlarosa

    First time upgrade eco to business - need help

    Hi bbqwer The upgrade will be for the same flight that you have booked, so you may have more luck with the upgrade if you choose flight times that may be less popular with business travelers. SQ can be a bit difficult to upgrade with sometimes and it's a difficult decision, particularly when...
  12. rlarosa

    How much have you flown in 2014.

    Not as much as last year, but not bad by my standards. Yet to add in SYD-SIN-REP-SIN-KUL-SIN-SYD, departing in 3 more sleeps! Have been lucky - mostly VA, QF, NZ, and SQ flights and all good experiences. Most interesting destination probably Nhullunbuy/Gove in the NT.
  13. rlarosa

    Lounge Meets December 2014

    19th DEC SYD T1 SQ Lounge 1.30pm
  14. rlarosa

    Flying Air New Zealand as Velocity Gold

    Had the same experience recently - I was totally suprised at how well I was treated as VA Plat. Blocked seats next to me (Virgin often tell me there is one but someone always ends up lobbing in to it), personal greetings, a comp second wine on a domestic flight. It's no wonder they just won best...
  15. rlarosa

    Status Change While Travelling

    Just looked at mine from a couple of weeks ago and yes it does. I couldn't tell you though if that was automatically generated out of their system or if it was because I showed them my card ..... RL
  16. rlarosa

    Status Change While Travelling

    Thanks for the responses - hadn't thought about status being printed on the BP and wasn't sure if that was automatic in their system or if I had to present the card first. Cheers
  17. rlarosa

    Status Change While Travelling

    Hi All, Well the review date has just come up and I just couldn't scrape enough SC's to get retain Platinum, so Gold Status beckons. Problem is I head off overseas on the 19th and will be flying with SQ and MI, returning on the 10th Jan. I've called Velocity and they have said that my card...
  18. rlarosa

    SC Earn on ANZ Flights

    Thanks markis. Looks like the VA flight no's are more expensive anyway so I'm sure the system will push me on to the Air NZ flight numbered tickets. One flight - AKL - SYD seems to be X class .... can't see that one the list anywhere so I guess that won't earn anything either.
  19. rlarosa

    SC Earn on ANZ Flights

    I'm completely confused by the statement on the VA website: ^Discount Economy fare classes U, M, S, T, Q, V, N, E are ineligible for Status Credit earn when travelling on domestic connections within New Zealand on Virgin Australia codeshare services operated by Air New Zealand. So if I'm on a...
  20. rlarosa

    John Borghetti reflects on his time at VA and hints at his future

    I think the guy has done an absolutely incredible job. If you cast your mind back to what he started with and look at where the airline is today you can't not marvel at a job well done (in my opinion!)