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    Can't change Economy X online any more?

    Anyone else seen this? Can't change an Economy X seat online? VA Platinum. Booked through CTM, auto-allocated 3D and 3C - which I'd normally be happy about, but preference in these COVID times is 3A or 3F - both of which are free. Try to change online - shows me 3A is free, allows me to...
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    Lounge access (for Shower) - QF MEL-LAX (arr TBIT), UA LAX-IAH (dep T7)

    I am QF WP and *A Gold (both UA Premier Platinum, and Turkish elite Gold). I am flying through LAX to IAH. Last time I did this, I was flying UA from MEL to LAX (so didn't have to worry about eligibility to get into the UA lounge) I walked straight over to T7, only to discover that there are...
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    Velocity or Star Alliance (if so, which airline) for QF WP?

    I'm currently QF WP, will easily retain platinum each year (took just on four months this year), but unlikely to reach P1 (fell about 200 points short last year). A change in travel policy probably sees my AUS - US trips in PE on QF, or J on alternative carriers such as Air NZ, United, etc. I...
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    Where to share my loyalty... (won't make P1, but will keep wp - easily)

    I'm WP and have been for a couple of years, and will be for a couple more, without too much effort. I will miss out on P1 by 235 QF SCs (unless I do a quick MEL-SYD-MEL and bring forward my next MEL-LAX to Oct 31st - ain't gonna happen). The chances of me making P1 next year are lower than...
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    Two LAX Transfer / Lounge Questions

    Hi All, long time lurker, rare poster. I'm transiting LAX twice in JAN with my family. I'm WP/OWE, they no status. I'm booked MEL-LAX in J through work, they Y. Arriving LAX on QF93 6:40 departing 9:10 LAX - ASE (this is the only flight each day to ASE on a OW airline). Family is booked...
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    Leaving Helsinki airport on long transit - check through luggage?

    This is very much a noob question, and the answer is probably well known to all regular international travellers, but I'm not... :oops: I was flying from Rome to Hong Kong on a QF points award booking on Finnair with a two hour transit in Helsinki. The Helsinki - Hong Kong flight we were on...
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    Any reports on success asking for a fee waiver on CBA Diamond?

    I have a CBA Diamond card that is just under a year old, upgraded from a Platinum which was taken up when there was a free for first year option. I got a fee waiver on the Platinum on it's anniversary, just before they upgraded me to Diamond. Diamond fee is due in about one month. I currently...
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    Can I book a stopover for an JASA?

    LHR-SIN-MEL, July 2012 Would like to stop over in SIN. Cannot book ASA over the phone, can I book a stopover, or is that simply a multi-city ASA flight? I guess this is similar to other threads asking about booking stopovers - the answer seems to be you have to do it over the phone, and copy...
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    Thanks for all the hints and tips!

    From a long time lurker, occasional poster. Thanks for all the contributors on these forums - your advice and tips has helped enormously. Have just booked JASA MEL-LHR-MEL for me & Mrs and YASA for the rug rats using tips from everyone here - like how to book JASA for classic points, earning...
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    Can't book MEL-LHR J online?

    Trying to book for June next year. Lots of flights, showing J availability, but when I choose J, it shows 512,000 points (instead of 256,000 points - for Y) for 4 passengers. Click through to review, and it shows a note "Your SYD-LHR flight will be in economy". Do I have to call up to book...
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    How Early can you book a rewards flight - departure date or return date?

    I know, according to the T&Cs at Frequent Flyer - Using Points - Qantas & Partner Classic Awards - About Classic Awards that you can "Book as early as possible - up to 353 days in advance." My question is do I need to wait until the return date is < 354 days away, or can I start the booking...
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    Are there any current fee free (1st year) 1:1 QF Visa or Mastercard Card Offers

    I am looking for a fee free card that has 1:1 QF points for a few (3 months) months use only. Or, if there is one were the application fee is near enough to bonus points. Must be Visa / MC - will only be used when I can't use Amex at 1.5, until my Citibank Visa uncaps. Thanks BJ
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    Best Credit Card(s) for $150,000 per annum spend?

    I know this question has been asked before a million times, but... I was a happy CitiBank Platinum No Fee for Life (upgraded from Gold) cardholder, who, for the first time, has been capped (7 months into my year), so I need a new primary card. Also hold a Qantas American Express Premium Card...
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    CitiBank Fee Waivers (Platinum Renewal Due)

    I grabbed a platinum card almost a year ago with no fee for the first year. Fee is due in a couple of weeks. My first call to the call centre asking about a fee waiver was met with a straight up no. What's the form here - do I have to "do an amex" and ring up asking to cancel, or do CitiBank...