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    Qantas off shoring FF loyalty call centre

    What research is this statement based on?
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    Arrivals Lounge-LHR T5 -Will have suitcases?

    Hi everyone, Thanks so much for your prompt help and assistance, thanks samh004:) for posting the video. Cheer KF:cool:
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    Arrivals Lounge-LHR T5 -Will have suitcases?

    Hi guys, Hope someone can help, searched the boards but have not found the answer. Arriving into LHR T5 flying BA in F from JFK. I will be arriving into LHR and not connecting further. As my flight gets into LHR at 6am I was hoping to use the BA Arrivals Lounge in T5 to freshen up and...
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    Hi from Doncaster East

    Did you have access to the Emirates lounge or Qantas lounge?
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    Honeymoon Ruined !!

    Boo hoo, I am embarrassed for them...Blatant self promotion if I ever saw it.. Next they will be in court suing the airline for the stress its caused them..
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    Walt Disney World Accommodation

    I will also add that we didn't eat all our meals in our room. We had breakfast and dinner in the room, lunch we ate in the park we were visiting on the day. We did the usual character dining with the princesses and the one I liked the most was at the Cotemporary Hotel -Mickeys breakfast, and...
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    Walt Disney World Accommodation

    NM, We have done it several times in the last few years. We have stayed at Disney Resorts and also Hotels around WDW. I highly recommend staying in a WDW Moderate resort, which are closer to WDW than the WDW Value resorts. The Moderate hotels, we have stayed in Coronado Springs and Disneys...
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    Is ten days in New York too long

    In short NO!!! I've been going once a year for the last five years, and stay for about 7 to 8 days and every year I discover something new to do. So many different neighbours to see, new shows in Broadway, art galleries the list is endless oh and don't forget SHOPPING!!! and did I mention...
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    No more QF chauffeur drive to LAX and DFW

    Re: No more QF chauffer drive to LAX and DFW Well that didn't last long.. Very disappointing....
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    Very unhappy with plat customer service

    Technically it was your wifes offer not yours. (I later found that my wife sent the link to me, admittedly I did not read the TC but now understand that the offer was targeted, I'm now 10 Sc short from re-qualifying for plat on June 8th). So how is this VA's problem? Easy fix to your...
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    Ladies, are airports, airtravel and lounges geared toward the expectations of women?

    Re: Ladies, are airports, airtravel and lounges geared toward the expectations of wom Female only toilets on planes. In the amenity kits they should include a little bottle of perfume so the ladies can refresh themselves.:)
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    Ladies, are airports, airtravel and lounges geared toward the expectations of women?

    Re: Ladies, are airports, airtravel and lounges geared toward the expectations of wom Sounds like something JAL would have do. The Japanese are the ones that in some of their hotels they have women only floors.
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    QF Domestic Lounge

    VA lounge there in Perth is just the same. I was waiting for my flight back to Melbourne and one FIFO sat with his sunglasses on eating and drinking and belching as if he was at home. LOL... real class.... At the end of the day the airlines only care about their bottom line. They turn a blind...
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    Another dress code question - Qantas First Lounge

    LOL, Cause he wanted to drink his champers with his maccas, :cool:
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    Another dress code question - Qantas First Lounge

    Be comfortable for the plane, thongs are just not practical and I always worry that someone stupid is going to run over my toes with their suitcase or better still trip over my feet you run better in shoes. Enjoy your F lounge experience I hope it lives up to your expectations.:)
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    "Customise Your Journey" gone?

    After reading this thread I went into my bookings to check "Customise Your Journey" mine is also gone... Interesting??
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    Virgin Australia damaged my bags

    Why? would it spur them on? Anyone can take a photo and claim, "such and such airline damaged my suitcase and did nothing about it". Unfortunately luckyjohn888 has not been so lucky with his luggage and he needs to go through all the channels correctly with his receipts and records to claim...
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    Demise of the hot towel and the lavatory hand towels

    Just flown tonight J BNE-MEL no hot towel service, but cloth hand towels in the toilets.
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    Boston- Is it worth spending a week there

    Four days is plenty, one week is just tooooooo long...