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    Earn points on Bank Transfers

    Has anyone else had issues with PayAll payments to the ATO not being received by the ATO? It has recently happened to both myself and someone else I know. I've previously made payments to the ATO without problem. I had setup a recurring payment to the ATO with the first to occur on 28 October...
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    Amex Travel Credit - covid implication

    Thought I'd add an update with my Amex Platinum Edge credit that was expiring. In the end I used it for a Virgin Australia flight. I've since changed my plans so didn't want to take the flight anymore. Calling Amex Travel, I was offered two options. Either hold the credit with Amex Travel or...
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    Amex Travel Credit - covid implication

    I was on online chat with AMEX yesterday and this is what they said when I inquired about extending my travel credit that expires in two days. Seems like they have something planned but hard to know what exactly and whether it will definitely be implemented. Kinda feel like I should just...
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    Credit point & status to Virgin but upgrade with Guest miles?

    Excellent, thanks for that.
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    Credit point & status to Virgin but upgrade with Guest miles?

    I'm looking at booking a flight with Etihad direct that is not available on Virgin Australia's website as an option. I am wondering would it be possible to credit the points & status credits to Velocity but use Etihad Guest miles to upgrade my flight? So effectively having two different...
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    New Altitude Black has landed...

    Oh, sorry for some reason I had it my head it ended 30th of June.
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    New Altitude Black has landed...

    Looks like the double point offer has ended early for new signups. Only 0% for 12 months for the special at the moment, not even any signup bonus. I forgot to take a screenshot of the old double points offer, anybody save one perchance?
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    Load and spend to earn x,xx_ Qantas Points [Qantas Cash]

    It's slightly ambiguous in the wording. The first sentence reads that it must be foreign currency whereas the second almost implies that it AUD is one of the currencies available. I think I'll give it a try loading to AUD and then transferring back out after the 29th of June. If it doesn't...
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    Virgin need to educate their alliance partners better!

    I took a DL and VX flight around the New Year and had a decent experience but like most hear I was sitting pretty far back in the plane, with no option to move forward. Most importantly, I did get priority TSA screening which made things a lot faster.
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    June statement credits 2014

    Can't see anything about exclusions for gift cards from HN in the T&C. But HN seem to only stock HN gift cards so not that useful, unless you want to buy something after the expiry period.
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    June statement credits 2014

    Depending on what you're after Harvey Norman will price match at times so you can always find the cheapest and try for a price match. I managed to do this with The Good Guys over the weekend (offer now expired) and even managed to pay 1/2 1/2 with two Amex cards for two lots of cash back :)...
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    Credit card without foreign/overseas transaction fees

    Not showing the original amount in the foreign currency annoys me so much. The old 28 degrees website use to have it but not the newer one. No idea why they dropped it. And anotehr +1 for the 28° and Citibank combo.
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    Annual fee [waived when 'threatening' to cancel?]

    At the start of last year I had my annual fee waived happily without issue. Last year in December got charged the annual fee again and called up to see if I could get it waived. I got the reply that it wasn't a year since my last waiver so call back in January. Dutifully called back in...
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    Card suggestions

    Thanks for the great summary. Just one small error I think. It's 3.3% for overseas transactions as per Fees and Charges - Citibank Australia
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    Stupid Virgin Policy - no booking no bike box will be sold

    I love my Body Bag, served me well on many a trip. Michjfro, you could try a box from any bikestore. Normally they give them away for free. Not sure what car you drive or how you're getting to the airport, but the airline boxes tended to be pretty big whereas the bikestore ones a bit...
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    Upgrading on itinerary with multiple legs - has to be all flights or none?

    I recently flew from PER to Las Vegas with stops in Sydney and LAX. I managed to upgrade the SYD to LAX portions of my flights only. However, I did try to upgrade again (from Premium Economy to Business) for the return leg where there initially was not a Business flight available. I got a...
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    Hilton status match. How long do you have to wait?!

    It only took a week for me to get online access with my status showing as gold. I haven't received my card and sign on package yet, so not sure how long that will take. I'm assuming this is the standard Hilton HHonors status match you get with Velocity Gold or Platinum status.
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    50k Bonus Points Velocity AMEX

    Hmm I just called Amex and they said it is only available to New American Express members as per condition 2 of the link in post number 9 and not as per condition 10 of the link in post number 12 :( Would have definitely considered signing up for the bonus points.
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    Woolworths Qantas card now offers 20,000 QFF [Ends 30/4/13] points

    Anyone know if you cancel before 1 year whether the $89 annual fee is refunded pro-rata?
  20. J bonus partner.

    Same here, I made a booking with and the bonus points did not post automatically like they did previously. As mentioned above, I think the deal may be over despite the website above (which is now down) saying till the 30th of June. I remember checking the bonus partners earlier...