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  1. jneufeld

    Virgin Adelaide Lounge Revamp

    Check out Eddie Khoo's latest video report. Has some footage of the new extension.
  2. jneufeld

    2016 The Hancock Year of Hell

    This is perfect!
  3. jneufeld

    VA & BP big announcment?

    This is what you get on the payment terminal, so $0.006 per point.
  4. jneufeld

    New Charge for Velocity Bookings on EY

    I certainly did, but go no response. Here's what I said.
  5. jneufeld

    New Charge for Velocity Bookings on EY

    This was the company line I got from them on Twitter
  6. jneufeld

    Help! Virgin Velocity eStore refuses to allocate points, despite advertising email

    Re: Help! Virgin Velocity eStore refuses to allocate points, despite advertising emai To provide you with some context Dell pays VA a small percentage for every customer referred to them through the eStore, allowing VA to pass on points to you. If you fail to to click through the eStore VA...
  7. jneufeld

    Lounge access Sydney International in J

    Air NZ Lounge. If you were on VA29 to AUH you would have access to the Etihad lounge.
  8. jneufeld

    VA App problem

    Yes I saw this the other week, cross referenced with the website which showed me not in a pool. I assume it's another quality VA IT solution.
  9. jneufeld

    Velocity reward seats on Etihad to Europe

    I'm not sure where you are looking because reward seats go on sale 331 days in advance which means the latest available is April 1 2017.
  10. jneufeld

    UpgradeMe pricing and success

    Was upgraded overnight SYD-BNE on Monday morning for min bid of $150. It's the 6:30am flight on an E90 so maybe a little pricey but means I can get a little rest, also fare was only $91 in the first place.
  11. jneufeld

    Unexpected Platinum Perk

    Fortunately for the OP you are incorrect. The show opens on the 2 April, so this is an opening night invite (opening nights are usually completely comped out so VA didn't really pay as such, except through sponsorship). Should include access to a post-show function with some drinks and nibbles...
  12. jneufeld

    Thoughts on new Perth terminal (PER)

    Yes there are 2 domestic lounges, I would stay at T1D for as long as possible as the T2 lounge isn't very flash Virgin Australia opens new Perth Terminal 2 airport lounge - Australian Business Traveller
  13. jneufeld

    New Virgin Check-in Perth

    From November 22 VA flights will be departing from the terminals on the eastern side of the airport, off Horrie Miller Drive. This is the breakdown of where flights will be leaving from: T1 Domestic = VA0200 – VA2499 (excluding VA1900 – VA1999) T1 International = VA0050 – VA0199, VA1900 –...
  14. jneufeld

    10 million points giveaway - and a 15% bonus points transfer offer in November?

    More info at the 15% bonus transfer page Offer applies to the following institutions
  15. jneufeld

    Aircraft ID please

    Simon Hackett, founder of Internode did a Trip Report of ferrying his PC-12 home from Switzerland a few years back. Is a great read if you have the time. Was mentioned on AFF at...
  16. jneufeld

    UpgradeMe pricing and success

    It certainly allows you to submit a bid, I've never done it though.
  17. jneufeld

    Per to Sin Upgrade with velocity points

    Upgrades are only possible on VA operated flights
  18. jneufeld

    The view from my "office"

    re: The view from my "office" From my balcony this week in Hobart with the MONA Roma coming in.
  19. jneufeld

    Australian Border Force September 2015 strikes

    Here's the full run down from Border Force Travellers and clients – interruption to services starting from 15 September 2015
  20. jneufeld

    Issues booking with Delta

    Whenever I have CC processing issues I always try another browser, this often resolves the issue for what ever reason.