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  1. Clivem

    South African Airways - Double Point offer

    Just got an email offering double points relating to new partner flights .......... SAA Join us in saying ‘howzit’ and welcome to Velocity’s newest partner, South African Airways. You can now earn Velocity Points and Status Credits, as well as redeem Points for Reward Seats on their global...
  2. Clivem

    This why my Camera gear and laptop will never be checked baggage

    As Krystle Wright, the very highly respected adventure sports photographer notes .......'this is another reason why I'll continue to scheme and forever keep bringing my camera gear on the plane'. It might put a nice sweat spot ding in your Rimowa Topas flash new...
  3. Clivem

    SOUTHWEST - Missed inspection

    FAA has allowed 128 Southwest planes to keep flying while missed back-up systems checks are performed - five (5) days have been allowed to sort things out. Whoever made that call will be hoping nothing goes 'pear shape' in the interim. I avoid Southwest nearly always but sometime there is...
  4. Clivem

    Random VA5 on March 7 BNE-LAX

    I've been a fairly regular VA7 / VA8 BNE-LAX-BNE user for the last 3 years doing 4 ~ 6 returns each year roughly. I can't recall the flight numbers for those services ever changing in that time. Today I went to quickly check J pricing for my first trans-pac trip this year - I will be...
  5. Clivem

    Impressive happy hour today - it must be Christmas!

    Big happy hour today .....with immediate access to book via the e-mail just in ..... SYD / BNE - LAX PE $1999 return with nearly fully year date spread FEB / NOV Huge number of domestic options also ... it must be Christmas.
  6. Clivem

    Va marketing department assistance.

    I'm not sure why but this VA marketing image screamed out that it needed to be captioned to have more impact. Care to help? Along the lines of, - He said .... ? and she is (really) thinking .... ?
  7. Clivem

    Lae to Madang PNG .... by road?

    Just one for the few PNG experts on here who operate further a field than just POM on the slim chance someone might be able to shine some light. I need to get some large items of equipment / plant into Madang - They will ship on 'over sized 40' flat racks'. I have tried every freight forwarder...
  8. Clivem

    What do you want to watch next time ?

    I got the survey on IFE form Virgin yesterday ..... Dear clivem, At Virgin Australia we are always looking for ways to improve our products and service and your feedback is the best way for us to do so. To continue improving our products, we would particularly like to hear from our...
  9. Clivem

    Virgin Galactic spaceship crashes during test flight in California

    Not good .......
  10. Clivem

    Virgin site seriously pear shape

    Virgin wed site is down .....nothing loading
  11. Clivem

    BOSE QC25 fairly new to market Quiet Comfort 25 Acoustic Noise Cancelling headphones

    Bose released the QC25 N.C. Headphones earlier this month which are at the same Aust. R.R. price point of $399AUD as the QC15's were. The QC15 model is no longer on the Bose web site so I assume they are now discontinued and gone forever with the QC25 being the replacement model. I would...
  12. Clivem

    Say hello to VH-XFJ

    VH-XFJ broke cover last week at the Airbus factory in Toulouse
  13. Clivem

    VA SYD TO HKG ....... is it on ?

    Raising its head again slightly (@ABT) VA SYD to HGK ? Any thoughts ...anyone expecting anything to come out on Friday the 29th with the VA financials ? Could it be offered with known / expected VA fleet ? The VS service on that route was a good way to burn points for me ....
  14. Clivem

    SQ to offer PE from next year

    SQ are going to offer a PE service .......from second half 2015. ( Thanks to the mod for amending my error in the title - cheers ! )
  15. Clivem

    Direct flight suv ~ syd back on

    Fiji Airways started direct SUV ~ SYD flights today. Daily M to F. Common sight, queuing out the terminal front door at Nausori. What can you say ... it is what it is.
  16. Clivem

    Better BNE DRW direct flight times. Tiger take old slots.

    Happy days .... Just went to book a regular flight from BNE to DRW on VA to find a new decent schedule has just come into play. New BNE to DRW direct VA449 departs 09:30 daily DRW to BNE direct VA454 departs 14:05 daily Tiger have taken the slots doing the old BNE 20:45 depart and DRW ungodly...
  17. Clivem

    Plat bonus point 100 % value not added?

    Hello VFF I flew on VA175 on March 21 and VA176 on March 27 - great service from very good CSM's on both flights - My question relates to the bonus points added for each of those flights -The base point value credited to my account for each flight was 2,110. Being a Plat Velocity member I have...
  18. Clivem

    Bit of building work at VA BNE domestic

    I do some work for MDA Engineers every now and then on projects .... Here is a link to their web site with regards to some VA building works in the pipe line. Works - about to get underway @ the VA BNE domestic terminal are - In filling the satellite arm 'dough-nut hole' in the same way the QF...
  19. Clivem

    Impressive three (3) class aircraft

    Off to Fiji this Friday ...... as part of the trip mid next week I'm flying from Nadi to Nausori Airport on an ATR. The next leg of the journey is the one I'm impressed by Nausori Airport to Bureta airstrip on Ovalau Island for business and back the following day I just received a picture of...
  20. Clivem

    VA7 ~ 8 Way way late yet again

    I see VA 7 ~8 issues again ....... Brisbane route being sacrificed yet again to keep VA 1~2 happy/smooth ? VA8 was due in 06:20 not due @ 18:40 ....... usual knock on effect to VA7 .... was due out 10:15 now 20:00 depart today -blows the day in LAX or connections from...