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    The view from my "office"

    re: The view from my "office" Last Sunday's office
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    The view from my "office"

    re: The view from my "office" That was Heavenly mountain resort overlooking Lake Tahoe. One photo was in California, the other in Nevada.
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    The view from my "office"

    re: The view from my "office" Views from last week's office Awesome views, great cover, cloudless skies and temperatures high enough that you could do both snow skiing and water skiing in the one run.
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    The view from my "office"

    re: The view from my "office" My current hotel room is in that photo - a river view room on the fourth floor of the Adina hotel next to Story Bridge
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    Annual fee [waived when 'threatening' to cancel?]

    I called to cancel and was offered a full fee waiver. I cancelled anyway as I am actually serious about consolidating cards, not just searching for waivers. I had been pretty consistently putting around $2k per month through the card if that serves as a reference for fee waiver eligibility.
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    Etihad Lounge in Melbourne?

    There seems to be some new space up near where I think the Qantas First and Emirates lounges are, so I am not sure if they are going in there. A couple of years ago it was suggested they would be setting up in between Gates 18 and 20, but there is no obvious space there unless they created a...
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    Bankwest Transaction account [General Discussion]

    Does anyone have an imacros or similar script that is working successfully with Telstra? When my account was a business account, everything was fine but now that I have moved it to being a personal account, I cannot get a macro to work. I can do repeated manual payments without waiting, but it...
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    ATO (tax office) payments by credit card

    Bad news on the CBA Diamond, I was meant to be getting that as part of my home loan package and was looking forward to having that as an ATO points earning card.
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    MEL - Pre-Pay Parking

    I save the level and aisle numbers in the general notes function of the phone, and I have been glad more than once of doing so. I am not sure what more this app does than that, given I remember well enough what my car looks like without taking a photo.
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    Venice - The Gritti Palace

    We caught a gondola ride from out the front and the gondolier said nice things about it, but I doubt he had stayed there either
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    MH Pulling out of BNE?

    This seems to mean that ADL has an international service that BNE does not - is this a first?
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    Award space on VX through VA

    Interestingly I can see my VX reservation (VA redemption) on both the old and the new site, however the old site provides better information about it. The new site layout seems limited to two sectors, so really struggles with my MEL-SYD, SYD-LAX, LAX-IAD booking. The old site layout has no...
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    AFF website issues with Firefox 36

    I've had quite a few issues with Firefox 36 on Win 8.1, but only on other websites and not AFF.
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    ATO (tax office) payments by credit card

    Spoke too soon, should have looked at the nasty black box on the statement. Changes to your Velocity Terms and Conditions We're making some changes to the Velocity NAB Account: Velocity Points Terms and Conditions which will be effective from 1 May 2015: - References to the cap on Velocity...
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    ATO (tax office) payments by credit card

    My NAB Velocity Premium Amex paid full points for an ATO payment in mid Feb. My statement today has confirmed this, which is good as I have some further ATO bills coming up.
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    I'm in the VA Lounge thread

    In Perth now, power to the beer fridge is out. To avoid rioting they have found some eskis and ice
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    Avianca "Lifemiles" - Questions and Discussion

    re: Avianca "Life Miles" - Questions and Discussion I emailed [email protected] for a time change yesterday and got a response overnight with updated itinerary showing "confirmed" instead of "confirmed - timechange". This was much easier for me than calling LifeMiles.
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    Free MEL one day Airport Parking

    It must have a single use restriction as a second booking trying to use the coupon failed. I am not sure whether this is based on credit card number or email address.
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    Free MEL one day Airport Parking

    Used the code, got a handy discount, thanks
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    Avianca "Lifemiles" - Questions and Discussion

    re: Avianca "Life Miles" - Questions and Discussion A schedule change came through for one of my bookings today to move an October 2015 TG LHR-BKK flight from a B744 onto an A380