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    Australian women on Qatar flight internally examined

    Utterly appalled at this occurrence! Yes I was considering a flight to Ireland to scatter my late wife’s ashes and was going use this airline because of the direct flight but I already had reservations about the cultural attitude on gay people as I have a gay son but this has defined my...
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    What's the best travel upgrade you've received?

    2012 returning to Melbourne from Dublin on Etihad. A380 in J . I was intercepted in the lounge in Abu Dabi by a man with a very strange pronunciation of Murphy. I was then asked to pick up my carry on and follow him . I was led into the first lounge and informed I was being upgraded to K 1...
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    Worst in-flight meal you've received?

    No photos but my worst meal was EY in J . 2017 on the last A380 into Melbourne. The vegetables were shriveled and the meat ,I forget what it was supposed to be, was so tough I could have resoled my boots with it . I asked for it to be taken away and something else be offered ? “ sorry sir...
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    Revoking Privileges from those Voicing Opinions Contrary to Yours

    I strongly believe in allowing someone to have their say within the rules of “ speech with responsibility “ . Would I accept a handshake or a beer from this individual? No I wouldn’t but that is my personal response.
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    How low can Etihad go ?

    I have been critical of the recent cutbacks across the board of Etihad in Business a class but this latest one takes the biscuit , no more luggage tags for silver guests ! Ok not a biggie but I did like them and I did use them .
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    Europcar discount with Etihad

    I was very disappointed when mentioning Etihad to Sixt in Dublin that all I got was a shrug ‍♂️ . The cost for a Yaris for 20days was IMO exorbitant and I was left with take it or leave it . So I left it . Ended up with an in law car that wasn’t being used . This experience was so different...
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    QR: ARN xDOH - Australia J ~A$3100

    Never work in reverse as Australia is a hub to nowhere!
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    Qatar handballing?

    I have been looking at maybe using Qatar airlines on a trip to Ireland in business class but when I try to have a look as some dates they all look like BA substitutes ? If I wanted BA I would book them !
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    Etihad service in J. Anyone else disappointed?

    Yes used my etihad first pjs on the outbound 777 mel to Dublin ,the crew an I had a laugh about it ! Hopefully they can redeem themselves on the way back on the A380 ! The short flight on the A332 was good because they got the proactive and reactive close to right bur the long haul Mel to Auh...
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    Etihad service in J. Anyone else disappointed?

    Flying Mel- AUH - Dublin tomorrow . 777w outwards and the A380 back at the end of Oct. using the last A380 into Mel . It will be interesting to see what my report will be .
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    Etihad service in J. Anyone else disappointed?

    Yes just confirmed that pjs have been discontinued.
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    Etihad Posts $1.87 Billion Loss

    " you are only as good as your last flight" Business class in Lufthansa/ nope, BA/ nope , Singapore/ok , Thai / nope , Etihad / yes and giving them another go next month .
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    Oversold flights & operational upgrades

    A few yrs ago on a flight from Dublin to Melbourne in J EY ,I had been informed before leaving Dub that there was an expected 2 hr extra delay at AUH " we are sorry this will be happening ,we hope it doesn't inconvenience you greatly". Well why shoot the messenger! Lol! " no that is something...
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    Increased aviation security at Australian airports

    I remember somewhere that " playing cards " have a substance that can set off an explosive alert? Can anybody confirm .
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    Am I a weirdo? I never use the IFE

    Not a lot of travel these days but usually long haul. My trip starts as soon as I step into the airport and turning left at the bridge. I must say I prefer a good book and a few tipples as I zoom along , interacting with the FA's ect. So I will use the IFE for the map mostly .
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    Etihad Has Terrible Customer Service

    I use EY to Ireland when I travel ,which isn't often, but I have had dealings with AUH customer service on a couple of occasions and had no problems at all . I find their J class as one of the better I have used but I must say their ground staff at AUH need some training . The staff at Mel or...
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    Transfer of flybuy points

    Yes you are correct guys ! Thank you
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    Transfer of flybuy points

    Has anyone tried to transfer points from Etihad back to Flybuys and close the link with Etihad ? If so how did that go ?
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    Cost cutting off the scale....

    Do we have Qatar as well now?