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    How low can Etihad go ?

    I have been critical of the recent cutbacks across the board of Etihad in Business a class but this latest one takes the biscuit , no more luggage tags for silver guests ! Ok not a biggie but I did like them and I did use them .
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    Qatar handballing?

    I have been looking at maybe using Qatar airlines on a trip to Ireland in business class but when I try to have a look as some dates they all look like BA substitutes ? If I wanted BA I would book them !
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    Transfer of flybuy points

    Has anyone tried to transfer points from Etihad back to Flybuys and close the link with Etihad ? If so how did that go ?
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    EY business class clothes storage

    I know there is a cupboard for hanging your clothes in First but is there somewhere in Business?
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    Etihad a380 service from Mel to finish 29 Oct 2017

    I will most likely have my only trip on this service 28 oct retuning from Auh . Murphy's law will be watched closely in the next few months
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    Etihad 380's departing MEL 2017

    Where have all the A380's gone in 2017 mid year ? I see transfers to Sydny or Perth for Dreamliners and I see lots of 77w. but no 380's ? It's part of my bucket list ! Damn !
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    Etihad J class without chauffeur?

    Etihad have a Perth to,Europe fare at $2000 less than eastern states . This fare excludes the chauffeur ! Fair enough but can I avail of this from Melbourne ? I know promotional fares often exclude everything but the flight but I do want the lounge for my wife the car is not important .
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    Companion fares

    I know that these fares require the 2 people to travel togeather but has any one ever ,say flying to Europe , one travels to England but one gets off in Sweden .
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    Aer Lingus code share with Etihad

    Has anybody got information on the flights ticketed on Aer Lingus but on Etihad metal from Mel to Dub early 2014 ? Looks like $1200 less for the same flight only difference is no 77w used . Would lounge and chauffeur be still the same ?
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    What would be the difference ?

    I'm thinking of taking a flight to Dublin at the end of Sept 13 with Etihad direct but I also see they are code sharing with Air Lingus ( Etihad metal ) the only difference I can see at the moment is the code share dosent use the 777w , it uses the airbus . This is not a problem to my as I'm...
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    Guesting into NZ lounge in Melbourne

    As a full paying J pax on Etihad next week can I guest my son into the NZ lounge? ,he is driving a few hrs to get me to the airport, for something to eat before he has to drive all the way home ?
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    Etihad chauffeur

    I'm taking a trip to Dublin at the end of the month in J and I have booked the Etihad chauffeur for the pick up on arrival and also the outward bound trip from Dublin -- my question is about the 50 Klms distance from the Airport ! is that 50 Klms driven to an address? or 25Klms to and from the...
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    hotel at Heathrow

    I am wondering if someone can give advise on a hotel that is close to Heathrow airport as I will have to overnight before an 8.30 flight (international) will be arriving Aer Lingus in Heathrow late afternoon and need to be at book in desk at 5.30ish next morning .This is the small...
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    Business lounge in LHR for BA Dublin flights

    It looks like I will be getting into Heathrow at 5.50am and taking a B/A flight to Dublin at 11.25 .Im flying J so im asking what lounge would I use and would there be showers?
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    Best seat in j on Royal Brunei

    Royal Brunei 777--200 in J class which seat would be best for a person travelling alone Mel to Lhr
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    which seat on Royal Brunei

    oops wrong thread sorry admin
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    Garuda to Europe

    Garuda to Amsterdam in J for under $4000 ! return
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    opinions on what seats ?

    thinking of a long haul in June--- Emirates 777-300er to Dubai and Emirates A330-200 to Dublin both in J. As I'm travelling alone could I have your opinions on what would be the best seats on these planes ? I dont particularly want a window seat -- thank you :D
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    Has anyone used----

    Hi my question is has any one used for a trip to Europe?