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    Order a Qantas "care pack" for $25

    Is this offer finished? I can't find the care packages on the store and the link at the top of this thread no longer works. THanks
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    Qatar Airways status match to Virgin Australia

    Gutted I only saw this after the promotion had ended!
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    Ask The Pilot

    Would airline crew be forced into 14 days self isolation when arriving into Australia?
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    Ask The Pilot

    I would presume those crews who don't have a plane to fly will be encouraged to take leave. Are you still required to do sims, other training and medicals while you're on extended leave?
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    Intentionally triggering a targeted 50% bonus SC promo

    Elsewhere on aff someone posted the link they received from qantas with this offer and so I clicked the link and got a page from qantas saying ‘congrats you’re eligible for 50% status credits ...’ I didn’t make a booking but I wonder if I had done whether I’d get the bonus credits. would anyone...
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    Qantas Status Run 2020

    My advice would be save your money and buy a lounge membership
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    Let's talk about Economy X

    In answer to the original question, I think at half price this is definitely worth it for a flight as long as that.
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    Ask The Pilot

    AI - would VA 737 pilots and crew operate on domestic/international only or is there a mix including trans tasman, south pacific, bali etc? If they're separate which is the most appealing as a pilot? Are there any major differences?
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    Not Flying VA / VS through HKG Again to LHR

    Just a reminder: beware long layover times in HK on this route and take advantage of the arrivals lounge in LHR if you’re VA Plat!
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    Ask The Pilot

    I was on a flight recently coming into Syd where the captain made his descent announcement and said conditions were Smokey so we might smell smoke. He also said he’d reduce the amount of air coming into the cabin. Is this possible? It was Qantas A330
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    Ask The Pilot

    Are QF still having issues with Canberra airport? Maybe they were carrying enough fuel to not have to refuel in Canberra.
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    Qantas triple base points offer

    I got the offer too as it’s my bday this month. I’m QF silver, should i be getting bonus points on the base for my travel? I still get 800 economy and 1200 flex. Thanks
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    Something's Coming...

    Nice, 25% boost!
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    Ask The Pilot

    Do short haul flights take jet streams into consideration when planning a route? Mel-Syd-Bris all seem to stay the same route.
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    Ask The Pilot

    JB -Now you're off the books would you mind sharing your experience of the grounding of the fleet? I'm interested in knowing how pilots were notified, what happened to employees who were overseas? Passengers? etc. Thanks
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    Review of Etihad benefits for Virgin Australia Plat

    You're right about SYD and AUH lounges on EY, and they're both great lounges. AUH First lounge is one of the best. I can't comment on QR or their lounges. Be careful with the fare you book with EY, they recently changed their offering where the cheapest fare only gets limited food and drinks...
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    Ask The Pilot

    Thanks AV. Are there any aerodynamic penalties for the wifi?
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    Ask The Pilot

    A few questions: Does the wifi ‘bulb’ added to the top of aircraft affect aircraft performance at all? Do 737 coughpits differ at all? They’ve been around a fair while so I was wondering if all are the same or if they have any slight variations within an airline.
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    Let's talk about Economy X

    Have travelled YX a fair bit recently, and it's brilliant when travelling with small kids. I haven't had to pay for it but I think I probably would with the little ones. Have also travelled QF Y a lot lately and it makes me appreciate YX so much more!