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  1. DougR

    [I need] Qantas Points - Fast

    Maybe buy up big at Woolworths? Petrol at BP?
  2. DougR in France

    Transporting 4 adults and 2 kids in car seats was always going to be a challenge in the Loire Valley in late June. I ended up booking a large 9 seater Opel van for 5 days from a large well-known European based car rental company. After I arrived home, the rental company posted me an invoice for...
  3. DougR

    Cheaper Europe SIM carc

    If travelling in Europe, starting in the UK, look at buying a SIM pack in Tesco. There are generous data options with surchage free roaming in Europe. (YMMV) One gotcha, buy the recharge voucher(s) upfront, in the store - the online recharge service struggles with non UK credit cards.
  4. DougR

    Excessive fees by Airlines

    Correct - but you also loose the Credit Card protection :-(
  5. DougR

    Excessive fees by Airlines

    Interesting that you can buy a (say) Qantas Gift voucher with a credit card for no surcharge - then use it to pay for a trip - no surcharge again Doug
  6. DougR

    Air Tahiti - experiences?

    Keep an eye on their website. Significant financial losses in recent times has reduced the the number in their fleet and cut back the service to AKL. QF does codeshare with them to provide services to French Polynesia. In previous times, my wife travelled SYD-PPT-JFK and said it was brilliant -...
  7. DougR

    Free annual membership to the Lounge

    Its OK under Safari D
  8. DougR

    Free annual membership to the Lounge

    Of course you get to keep you 100,000 points anyway - they are just in the velocity bucket and not AMEX's. I took the plunge and it was all through within a matter of days - Doug
  9. DougR

    QF on line check in - no time saver

    Usually not a problem for me. Although I was completely unable to get OLCI to actually work once I had selected my booking this Tuesday on a day trip Sydney-Townsville via Brisbane & return. (very tired bunny at the end of that. Doug
  10. DougR

    Velocity status changes in place?

    Surprise, Surpise Grandfathered in as a Silver. Most peculiar Doug:?:
  11. DougR

    Need to find a Qantas Club corp. program

    OK, I can live with the new interpretation. I suspect I might have to stump up my $50 when my own membership expires as it is my partner, not me, who is one of the 'founding 11' :) Doug
  12. DougR

    Need to find a Qantas Club corp. program

    I'm wondering how this program got to be hijacked by the Gold subscribers - none of their money was used to set it up was it? I would prefer that it remain as an 'all memebers' benefit Doug
  13. DougR

    Need to find a Qantas Club corp. program

    Paul Please check with Admin's original and subsequent posts, but my understanding is 1. Yes 2. It would be at the Corporate Rate (i.e. $200 discount) 3. Don't know - I suspect not as you are alrady a QC member 4. AFAIK no. Doug
  14. DougR

    Need to find a Qantas Club corp. program

    It will, We need 10 to get it kick-started Doug