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  1. sjd

    Wings Clipped

    Wings Clipped
  2. sjd

    Madness: Last QF9 A380, First QF10 B787

    Best of luck JessicaTam, especially with the DVT. ;)
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    Qantas Delays/Cancellations

    And my lounge access evaporated last year. Having a delicious lunch :)
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    Qantas Delays/Cancellations

    As the airport was on my way into town, I tried my luck. Everything was full, I'm doing ok being on a 5pm flight. So in the the city for lunch!
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    Qantas Delays/Cancellations

    I'm stuck in Sydney unable to get home to Melbourne. Flight last night cancelled. Fortunate I had somewhere I could stay because the poor sods trying to get hotel rooms were nit having fun. Rebooked onto a 5 pm flight today, rang QF again this morning and no word yet of extra flights to clear...
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    SSSS on QF boarding pass (extra security screening)

    We travelled through the US in 2003 on a round the world ticket with lost of US domestic flights. Had the dreaded SSSS on every single one of them. Took forever to get through check in and security each time. Not fun.
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    Retro Roo II

    Got to be No.1. The livery that introduced the jet age to Australia.
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    All things Disney

    I'd compare any 10 day pass with the cost of buying an annual pass at the gate or directly form Disney online first. When we went in 2010 to Anaheim, the annual pass was much cheaper once you got past a 5 day pass.
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    Grammar Discussions

    Maybe this is a combination of laudable and audible. Worthy communications that you can also hear.
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    New Domestic Business and Qantas Club menu

    The surprise is a hot food option in CNS. I ate a lot of soup during my time there.
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    ALL QF's 330's to get lay flat Business seating - Including Domestic

    Re: QANTAS BNE-SIN J Class seating That is the new configuration which is 4 across in seven rows versus the old which is 6 across in 5 rows. Have a look at the A333 seat maps on QF.
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    Ask The Pilot

    Was thinking back to some spectacular flying above a lightning storm on an evening CNS to BNE flight a couple of years ago and I thought that you pilots must see stuff like this all the time. What is the most striking or unusual weather you have experienced or seen outside your coughpit window?
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    First Overseas Trip

    To France on a student exchange in 1990 over Christmas. Flights was an AZ 747-200 MEL-BKK(the old one obviously)-FCOxCDG. We then caught the TGV to Le Mans, which was a thrill. I remember I had never seen so much Toblerone (in airport duty free). The total journey was about 35 hours and I was...
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    WP re-qual the long, hard, uncomfortable way.

    Well done. I made WP the first time on about 80% red-e deals BNE-CNS return weekly with a few Flexi economy fares to LRE. It took me just over 9 months earning an average of 38SC per week. I started the year at Silver, did not fly in January, did not make Gold (and get QP access) until early...
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    EDR General Promotions

    Just received an offer for 50% off sliced mushrooms. Seriously? That is the best they can do with all the data they collect?
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    Planning a surprise holiday for your other half - have you done it?

    Once when we were in London, I began plotting a surprise trip to Paris. Within five minutes SWMBO turned to me and said, "Why don't we go to Paris this weekend?". Since then I have given up on surprises, she knows me too well and does not really like them, but best of luck with yours.
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    Double Qantas Points on NAB/AMEX

    Nothing here. I signed up with the link at the beginning of this thread, did not receive the offer directly from NAB.
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    Non-refurb 747 - Row 4 or upper deck?

    Perhaps this can be suggested in this thread: Infants in Premium Cabins
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    Non-refurb 747 - Row 4 or upper deck?

    There was still beta in 1999? :shock: I did not fly in this cabin until 2013, so I was 14 years too late to verify this.
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    Non-refurb 747 - Row 4 or upper deck?

    True, but I like being closer to the window, which you get from 2 or 3. I really like that cabin, it's dated but a delightful place to pass the time. Find the flaps hiding the inputs for the VHS tapes they used to hand out for your F viewing pleasure.