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    Qantas to launch in-depth partnership with Accor ALL

    The main advantage is, that Accor offers a lot of hotels worldwide - but that offer ist limited to Asia/Pacific? What? Most of the Hotels are in Europe. Most brands are not that expensive and you get a constant quality (Ibis, Mercure, Novotel). They are not fancy but offer a clean bed and you do...
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    Bank card for a teenager

    I use Revolut Junior for my kids. Easy to control the card via the app.
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    Qantas Status Credits Boost

    Just a nice gesture without any cost. I feel that QF is performing better than other airlines. Hey, they did think of their overseas members (a bit): The 4-Segment-Rule is waived for status extension. For me it has no use. I am based in Europe. I have locked my LTG and dropped from Platinum...
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    The BER debacle continues

    I believe it when it really opens. Too many delays yet. It is just a national disgrace.
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    QF survey on a new OW benefit

    I found points upgrades quite a nonsense. I did that game with Lufthansa many times. They hand out quite useless upgrade vouchers. The price for an upgradable Economy Ticket is in the range of a Special-Business-Fare with other airlines. I tend to let the vouchers go (or use them on short...
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    QF Survey of new WP/P1 / post LTG benefits

    I reached LTG a few years ago. This year I dropped from many years of WP to LTG. QF did not ask me why, I got no offer to extend my WP. The reason is that I moved most of my business from Oneworld to Star Alliance. I live in a big Star-Alliance Stronghold, where it is very hard to fly other...
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    For fun - Your smallest points & SC's from a flight?

    100 Points and 10 SC in the history for my Air Berlin domestic German flights. All of my routes were long enough to yield 10 SC. The shorter ones had 100 Points and 5SC. Since Lufthansa changed to a revenue based System I had flights with 12 Miles!
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    Life Time Gold - The [Realistic] Holy Grail

    I dropped from many years as PLAT to Life-Gold beginning this month with 18k SCs. I expected this, because I only had 50 SCs in my account. No call about my travel plans, just an automatic switch in the app. In the past I could visit the F-Lounge only on a few trips. Most OW-Airlines that I use...
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    EK lounge access for QF status pax discussion [where/when? where/when not?]

    I recently had a flight MUC-DXB-MUC in Economy. It was booked by a congress organizer (as I was invited). On the way to DXB I could use the EK Lounge without any problem. Luggage was tagged as priority and I got Fast track passes for the immigration. On the way back I wanted to use the F-Lounge...
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    Lounge Access as QF Plat with Children

    I got acces, but again Children do count as guests. So only the half of the family went in. The international tickte was no help. In Chicago we all coud use the lounge because of our Business Ticket.
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    Lounge Access as QF Plat with Children

    The Status is with LH. It was the same as with AA. One guest only and children count as a guest. The international Business Class ticket only gives you access before your international flight, but not before your feeder flight in Economy.
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    Lack of curtains separating Business and Economy on 737

    But on LX people do not car. On the other hand: On Apron arrival LX has a dedicated Business Class Bus. S7 is very strict with the curtain. When the plan comes to a stop, the FA rushes back and closes the curtain, so the C cabin can exit the plane comfortably. On Apron Arrival there is an extra...
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    Lounge Access as QF Plat with Children

    I had no luck. I asked friendly and was turned away very harsh. On my first flight out of MIA we were on standby for an earlier flight. I asked the Lounge Dragon how my chances were, (how many seats, how long is the waiting list). Without even looking at the booking she answered, that I would...
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    Would SG/LTG pay to upgrade from the QP to Dom J lounge?

    No, I would not pay for an upgrade. I luckily still have my WP card. I wold like to see an LTP from QF (like BA, IB or AY). Maybe a "Gold Plus" that would cover Domestic Business Lounges and QF F-Lounges.
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    Lounge Access as QF Plat with Children

    Will report in June...
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    Lounge Access as QF Plat with Children

    Yes. Domestic flight with AA.
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    Lounge Access as QF Plat with Children

    Hi Folks, as QF Plat I will have my first AA domestic flight with Mrs. Tyrolean and our two kids (9 and 12). We will fly AA First Class, but that does not give us lounge access. Do I get access to the lounge in MIA with the kids? Oneworld says one guest only. Does it make sense to buy a day...
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    Any Benefit? [change to QF code for extra SC's]

    LHR-HAM has no QF code. Berlin is the last QF code on BA to Germany. So LHR-TXL would work. The SCs are the same but you get more points, a ~ and the SC count for the loyalty bonus.
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    Life after Lifetime Gold

    After reaching LTG I still stayed with QF and managet to get WP every year. For me it can be sometimes a challenge to get the 4~ as QF made it a bit more complicated for me living in Europe. The LHR-SIN flight is quite a good move and may improve the chances. My main status is SEN LH (*G)...
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    What the.................. [Comped WP!]

    Still think about Lufthansa's not published Lifetime Status. You need to be over 60 to get it. People at that age usually reduce the number of flights, but still have money to travel. So they are an interesting target group. Maybe an idea for a lifetime Platinum. (28k SC and over 60).