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  1. mckinj02

    Checked through baggage

    Does anyone know if I can check my bags all the way through to Barcelona from Sydney. My first flight is on Singapore airlines through to Manila. Then I have a second separate ticket from Manila to Barcelona on Etihad Airways.
  2. mckinj02

    Emirates SYD Lounge hours

    Does anyone know opening hours of the Emirates Lounge in Sydney tomorrow Friday 8th December?
  3. mckinj02

    Free 2 X Qantas domestic lounge passes

    I have 2 Qantas domestic only lounge passes to give away to 1st person who replies with >30 posts. Passes expire June 2016.
  4. mckinj02

    Aircraft change

    I have noticed that after booking their has been an aircraft change on my flight QF24 from BKK - SYD on Aug 3, 2016. It was changed to what looks like domestic configured A330-200 with recliner seats in business! This is not acceptable as I have paid good money for a business class flight and...
  5. mckinj02

    Short connection in Doha

    I have a 50 minute connection in Doha between flight from Amsterdam and then onto Bangkok. Both flights on Qatar and on same ticket. Is this too tight of s connection?
  6. mckinj02

    Qatar 1st lounge Doha

    How is the Qatar 1st class lounge in Doha that is available for one world emerald access?
  7. mckinj02

    Weird entry in frequent flyer account

    I had X 3 entry's today in my QF FF account which states LET QANTAS REWARD YOU BONUS STATUS CREDITS 14OCT15 - - 0 Miles 22 SC 11 DEC 15 LET QANTAS REWARD YOU BONUS STATUS CREDITS 23OCT15 - - 0 Miles 5 SC 11 DEC 15 LET QANTAS REWARD YOU BONUS STATUS CREDITS 21OCT15 0 Miles 22 SC...
  8. mckinj02

    SC on Jetstar

    Have just booked RT SYD-DPS in the recent sale and have added starter plus package. I noted that this earns 40 Qantas SC's each way. Is this correct as it seems a lot!
  9. mckinj02

    Cathay Pacific check in

    How early before flight does Cathay Pacific open their check in before a flight at Sydney?
  10. mckinj02

    Help with loads please!

    Would anyone be able to let me know about loads on my upcoming Cathay flights? CX 138 on 16/10 CX 921 on 18/10 I am heading off Sydney to Cebu for paediatric open heart surgery mission with Rotary international and am hoping to get upgrade from PE to's hoping! Love these forums...
  11. mckinj02

    Baggage allowance!

    Going on a medical mission to Cebu, Philippines in October and am flying PE on Cathay....have a lot of donated clothes for our paediatric patients as well as medical supplies. As a OW Emerald I think I am allowed up to 45Kg in total. Can someone confirm this for me! thanks
  12. mckinj02

    Changing FF number on award ticket

    I have an AA business award ticket from SYD-CDG on Malaysia Airlines. I have recently lost my elite status with AA and would like to add my Qantas FF platinum number to the reservation. Is this possible?
  13. mckinj02

    Qantas Sales over Xmas

    Do Qantas ever have sale fares over the Xmas/NY period. Am looking to to go to a Singapore from Sydney for 2 weeks leaving 18/12/2014?
  14. mckinj02

    Transit hotel in Singapore

    Arriving Singapore on QF81 May 7th then connecting 6am May 8th on MH602 to KL. Can I get my baggage checked all the way thru to KL. I would like to stay at the transit Hotel in Terminal 2. Is this possible?
  15. mckinj02

    Changing FF numbers mid trip/flight (AA to QF)

    I have 5 domestic AA fights in December. At present they are booked under my AA FF number. I am AA executive platinum so am holding out for my free upgrade to business. Would it be OK if after I got my upgrade I called the AA platinum desk and changed flights to accrue on my Qantas FF account! I...
  16. mckinj02

    Lunch/Brunch in HK

    Anyone have a good recommendation for a fun delicious lunch/brunch in HK. I have a long layover soon in HK and would love to know of any great places others have been to!
  17. mckinj02

    Huge difference in tax (Award CDG-SYD is 5x SYD-CDG)

    Have recently booked 2 one way award tickets using AA miles on Malaysia Airlines, SYD - CDG $73 in taxes, then CDG - SYD $389 in taxes. What is the reason for huge difference in tax, AA agent not able to tell me?
  18. mckinj02

    Long transit in HK-question

    I have a 10hr transit in Hong Kong. Does any one know if I can go thru transit lounge into the Cathay 1st class lounge and then depart and leave and go into Hong Kong for the day. Old blogs say the staff at the Cathay lounge will escort you thru immigration and customs!
  19. mckinj02

    Check in for QF code share flight

    I am QF platinum and have an upcoming Qantas code share flight to HCM on Vietnam airlines. Can I use premium lines to check in?
  20. mckinj02

    QF web and mobile site

    Anyone else having issues with opening and logging on to QF FF account. I am trying to book a few trips before sale ends tonight and want to use B Pay!