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    VA status credits flying SQ

    Are you seeing the reservation under your krisflyer account or just SQ booking reference. Either way you can call SQ to credit points/SC to VA. You may even be able to do it at check in. If the booking is SQ on an SQ operated flight - you can use SQ points to upgrade a leg. If the booking was...
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    Virgin Australia - Promo Codes (ongoing)

    Re: Virgin Australia: 10% off bookable fares until 31st December 2013 - Promo code TR In my contact with VA over the phone, they say they only charge CC fee when payment amount is over $50. You could also try booking each person separately? or 1 adult + 1 kid per transaction?
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    Collector Gets 422 million Amex points with purchase of ancient cup

    Most. Points. Ever? via fairfax Collector gets 422 million American Express points with purchase of ancient cup
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    Grab every last point, but don't become a victim...

    Although very low balance transfers often have an even better interest rate than home loans!
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    Has anyone had success with the call-up "Marginal" xASA's?

    Re: Successful ASA Bookings booked at classic rates Reference Guide I checked my activity statement this morning and nothing yet but itinerary is accessible
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    Booking Award Flights on Etihad - First time

    Don't know what the redemption rate is with EY, but redeemed VA return J reward SYD to Europe on mixed EY/VA flights for 250,000 points + taxes (~$160)
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    Has anyone had success with the call-up "Marginal" xASA's?

    Re: Successful ASA Bookings booked at classic rates Reference Guide Thanks everyone for bringing this up - sounds like we have come to the end of an era. Being a QFF NB and a rather infrequent flyer. I had limited availability for booking mASA in J let alone F. I did take the plunge today for...
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    SYD-AUH - in J & 9hr overnight layover or Y & 3hr layover?

    Hi it's pretty much as it says in the title, I'm making my first points redemption on VA for VA/EY flights to Europe and the options have me SYD-AUH on VA J or EY Y (no EY J) VA J gets me to AUH at 23:50 with a connecting EY J at 09:30 the following morning EY Y gets me to AUH at 06:25 for...
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    10% Bonus on CC Points Transfers + 10% Off Reward Seats

    There was even a 50% in May 2008.
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    Annual Fee's

    I cancelled my Amex Velocity Platinum this week. No hint of a fee reduction or waiver. But I didn't really push hard for it.
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    Etihad Promos

    Another Etihad Promo in my inbox today ::ETIHAD AIRWAYS:: Advance entry to see Sydney Biennale at 5 locations across Sydney on 18, 19, 20 March before the general public 21 March - 9 June Have to show your Etihad Guest card for entry INVITATION TO PREVIEW THE 19TH BIENNALE OF SYDNEY...
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    Start here has a Dan Murphys special

    Qwibble, another cashback site has 17.6% cashback from wine 14.4% cashback from spirits 9.6% cashback from beer Dan Murphys Cashback - Coupon & Voucher Prices - Qwibble
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    No More Merchandise Redemptions from Membership Rewards Store as of 31/01/2014

    Was on the Amex Membership Rewards site looking for updates found this link from the site above regarding changes to redemptions coming into effect 31st January 2014...
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    Points earn: rounding down.

    I found Amex Plat Edge rounds down, however Velocity Plat Amex seems to carry over the cent value to the next transaction ie 1. $20.95 spend credits 20 points then the next; 2. $10.40 spend credits 11 points
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    EDR General Promotions

    I got an email today from a similar cashback site Qwibble that has double cashback - don't know when it ends though 17.6% on wine 14.4% on spirits 9.6% on beer Dan Murphys Cashback - Coupon & Voucher Prices - Qwibble
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    AMEX Offers & Places - Spend and Explore - Free Statement Credits again!

    Coles Group and Event Cinema Gift Cards coming up!
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    New AMEX app version 2.0 just released on the App store

    To become and retain local champion is based on the number of transactions, ie you have to have more transactions than anyone else at the merchant, but points earn as local champion is based on your dollar spend. It seems to be 1 bonus point per dollar spent while being local champion.
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    Flybuys Targeted Bonus Promotions

    Has any else noticed 1000 point redemptions for additional 10c off per litre have disappeared off the flybuys website? :evil:
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    Virgin Domestic Sale

    New Virgin Fly With Friends Sale 30-40% off for 2-9 people. Sale until 6 Dec Many destinations, dates depend on routes 29 Jan - 2 Apr 2014, 30 Apr - 24 Jun 2014 - Saver/Saver Lite Fares 17 Dec 2013/29 Jan 2014 - 2 Apr 2014, 30 Apr - 24 Jun 2014 - Business Saver Fares see link for more...