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    Travel Insurance and Emergency Expenses

    First of all this is not COVID related. I read through all the threads and couldn't really find someone with a similar experience so interested to know if any one has experience with type of situation. It relates to a flight I had cancelled, booked with rewards points, due to Typhoon Hagibis in...
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    QFF Rewards out of Ho Chi Minh (SGN)

    Hi, I was looking to book a QFF Classic Reward out of Ho Chi Minh (SGN) and get this message; We need the following information to continue. Press tab to navigate to the formThese cities are not available on the Classic Flight Rewards. Unselect Use points - Classic Flight Rewards only to...
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    QFF Reward Change

    Hi Guys, Just after some knowledge please, I have been reading the T&C’s here; Frequent Flyer Terms and Conditions | Qantas and getting confused. I had a QFF reward booking, 4 tickets, Qantas business to Narita on the18/12/18 which I have flown and have return home with Jetstar via Cairns on...
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    Points and Status Credits earn, ? incorrect earn from Oneworld Partner [MH]

    Hi all, I did 3 lots of the below for 4 x family members. April 17 as per below, Jan 17 and October 16. The KUL-SYD legs were all business however all showed up as Flexible Economy on QF activity statement. On the Qantas Earning Points & Status Credit Calculator, Business does not show up when...
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    SYD to SIN $386 return Singapore Airlines,to:Singapore,%20Singapore%20(SIN%20-%20All%20Airports),departure:07/02/2017TANYT&leg2=from:Singapore,%20Singapore%20(SIN%20-%20All%20Airports),to:Sydney%20(SYD),departure:16/02/2017TANYT&passengers=adults:1,children:0,s...
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    Sydney (SYD) - Chennai (MMA) return via Perth Singapore $386 VA & SQ,to:Chennai,%20India%20(MAA),departure:07/02/2017TANYT&leg2=from:Chennai,%20India%20(MAA),to:Sydney%20(SYD),departure:16/02/2017TANYT&passengers=adults:1,children:0,seniors:0,infantinlap:Y&options=cabinclass%3Aeconomy&mo...
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    Classic Award change or cancel

    Hi, I understand cancelling a classic reward booking attracts a 5,000 points cancellation fee. Making a change attracts a 3,500 points fee or can be a $35 charge along with $80 service fee for an international flight change. My question is do I get the original taxes refunded back to my credit...
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    Take a swipe at paper bills and earn 1,000 bonus Points

    Paying bills has never been so easy, or rewarding. Through a new partnership with Australia Post, you can now earn Points with MyPost Digital Mailbox. It’s a secure way to pay most bills and store your most important documents online – all in one place. Plus, every time you pay a bill to the...
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    QF SC's on reward seats - Can Virgin Better this?

    Qantas has introduced half earn of full economy Status Credits on classic economy awards for all bookings until 31 Dec 2013, so you can travel next year and earn the status credits. Qantas now offering status credits for 'classic' award seats - Flights | hotels | frequent flyer | business...
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    737 subbed for A330 out of Perth 7/9/13

    All my info shows change from A330 to notice from Virgin!
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    Bonus Complimentary Fare Upgrades EXPIRE TODAY!

    I was just looking through the terms and conditions and happened to notice that the Bonus Complimentary Fare Upgrades expire today so thought I would post a reminder for those of you who may still have left. Bonus Complimentary Fare Upgrades will expire 12 months after issuance if not redeemed...
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    Family Zone in lounges

    As far as I know there is no Family zones in any Virgin Lounges. I have not been to all of the Virgin Lounges around the country, so that may not be the case but I have not come across any in Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne, Gold Coast and Canberra. Can anyone confirm this for the other lounges...
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    'The most amazing part' competition

    Some of you may be interested in entering for a chance to win a $2,000 virgin Australia gift voucher. 'The most amazing part' competition
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    Extra Leg Room

    Saw this when in booking process this morning, have not noticed it before. Are days of row 3 allocation over? Purchase extra legroom Select$30.00 per guest Stretch out and enjoy up to 25% extra legroom. If selected, all guests must purchase. Please Note: As a Velocity Frequent Flyer Member...
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    Competition on OOL route "Qantas returns to the Gold Coast"

    Hopefully might seem some cheaper fares to OOL. Qantas returns to the Gold Coast - Flights | hotels | frequent flyer | business class - Australian Business Traveller
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    Points + Pay reward seat

    Hi, I am just wondering if anyone can clarify if this is how points plus pay works. I am looking at LAX-SYD reward flights and just selected one seat as a dummy booking. I tried in all 3 classes but will use economy to explain, all 3 classes were the same though in regards to the issue I think...
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    International Upgrades with points?

    12. BENEFITS FOR GOLD AND PLATINUM MEMBERS Upgrades Using Points - Virgin Australia International Long Haul Flights 12.3 Flight Upgrades on Virgin Australia international long haul flights may be available by redeeming Velocity Points at the rates set out in the table below. VRPL reserve the...
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    Pricing, it's happened.

    So will I remain a loyal Virigin customer, not if they are ridiculously pricing compared to the's risible and now I am going to be cautious on all my bookings, this smacks of hubris and I feel strongly because of it. I was looking at taking the family, 3 of us, on a weekend...
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    Virgin Australia tees up with Velocity Golf Club

    Virgin Australia tees up with Velocity Golf Club - Flights | hotels | frequent flyer | business class - Australian Business Traveller
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    J to Hawaii

    Hi all, I just tried looking at PE or J flights from SYD to Hawaii and looks like there is only J, which is fine, however only economy shows up when trying to book through Virgin site. The box to select travel class greys out as soon as Honolulu is put in as a destination. If I look at booking...