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    Extra Legroom Seats no longer free for WP on Dom

    Just tried to change to 23K on a Per-Mel flight on Friday and it wants to charge me $60. So phoned QF and they tell me there has been a change on 18th Aug and these are no longer free for WP. Another lost reason to fly QF. I only fly them because I can justify getting a seat I can work at in the...
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    How Do I change a QATAR flight to QFF Points?

    I have a Europe trip booked for Friday but the company booking system picked up my Qatar FF. I would prefer to credit to QFF. Anyone know a simple way to change it? Thanks
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    Odd Check-in Experience

    Flew Per-Mel yesterday, with Mrs RM on points. Had the bookings linked and a couple of days earlier had been in the lounge and asked the desk to move seat allocation for the flight. All done apparently but when looking on line the bookings had not moved and Mrs RM seat was shown as available to...
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    Surly Qantas Staff

    I suppose this is a bit of a cough! I presume everyone has noticed that Qantas service has plummeted to new depths. The staff just don't care! just got in from Wellington on QF48 and got to the transfer desk just in time to shift to an earlier Melbourne flight...except that I went to the...
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    Qantas Long Haul-Sit at the back of the bus?

    I don't do much long haul flights and usually I'm on my own so I take an aisle seat near the front of economy. This next UK trip I have managed to score a award flight for my wife on the same ones I'm booked! (Actually booked her a year ahead then wrangled the trip at the same time!). Anyhow I...