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    Credit Savvy / experian experiences

    Hi All, Think a month or so ago the credit savvy website was launched, which provided free credit scoring backed by experian data. As a veda subscriber I had a passing interest in how it compared so I signed up. Unfortunately my address doesn't appear in their address database and I failed...
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    15% bonus transfer issue with citi

    Hi Virgin team, I originally posted my issue in this thread: &...
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    Amex Platinum Edge - No annual fee for the first year

    As per title, this card needs no introduction. Normally $195, now free for the first year, looks like you get 5,000 points on signup. Not as good as the previous 15k offer, but beats a kick in the teeth. If there's anyone out there that hasn't decided to get this card yet, and have managed to...
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    Amex Platinum Reserve & Gold charge no longer available

    Just noticed whilst browsing the cards at the amex website that both the reserve & the gold charge have disappeared from the line up. Even going to the page from my browser history redirects to the cards main page. Not really surprised about the platinum reserve as I felt it presented poor...
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    AMEX Shop Small promotion is back!

    Howdy, looks like the shop small promotion is back for this year available to all amex & bank issued amex cards. Link: Enjoy :)
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    AMEX Statement Credits : Target & Country Road. WBC Issued Cards only

    Howdy, Saw this on ozbargain and thought I'd post it here also. Register your Card, spend $50 or more at Target and get one $10 credit. Register an eligible Card, spend $50 or more on that Card in one or more transactions at...
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    Big W family & friends 10% off this weekend

    Saw this on Ozbargain Here is the direct link to the voucher. This weekend, big w are having a family and friends deal giving 10% off to nearly everything** There is a $50 minimum spend. While big w isn't a supermarket, it's part of the woolies group and does accept wish gift cards. So for...
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    New transfer partners?

    I was playing around with my android citi app trying to get the OTP to work and noticed what may appear to be new transfer partners. Attached are screen dumps from my phone. kyle also points this out this this post. Notably, I notice Air New Zealand, SPG. Emirates and Qantas are also in...
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    Giftcards and EDR Points

    I purchased $500 worth of Wish gift cards today from RACV with intention to spend it at Masters (Putting in new kitchen cabinetry) On the way back to the car I went past woolies and thought i'd try my luck and see if I could purchase a $500 Masters gift card with my Wish giftcards and earn EDR...
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    Citibank Signature 80k QFF signup bonus $299+$49, ends 31/03/14 [Extended - 31/05/14]

    Just noticed this while on the QFF website, I figure i'd put it in its own thread instead of the fee free one as this one would better suit those chasing large sign up bonuses and don't actually need the card, though I imagine most would have signed up for the free one by now! Linky (QFF)...
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    howdy everyone

    Howdy everyone, I've been reading AFF for awhile but haven't signed up till yesterday. I first came to this forum to read up on recommendations for credit cards but have been intrigued by the chase of maximising points earnings. I don't fly regularly (namely interstate, and 1-2 trips...