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    Check-in times

    We all crave that elusive "free up-grade"and would like your thoughts on check-in times .We are flying on MAS at midnight in May 'and there seem to be business seats available.Also have already requested seats in economy as far front as possible and have been given seats one row back as they...
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    checking seat availabilty on MAS

    How do you heck seating on MAS.? have tried seatguru but MAS not listed there .The code on our tickets is OKYKEE ' what does that mean .Thanks
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    credit card charges at Flight center

    :roll: have just booked flights rtn.U.K with MAS from Flight center,.Good price [managed to get expo fares from weekend and these are best so far including web sites ].How ever if we pay by credit card there is a charge of $75 [2 pax ].This means you are buying your f/f/ points 'we have A.N.Z...
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    Priority pass for airport lounges

    We are thinking about buying a Priority Pass to use in lounges at airports when we fly to and from U.K. this year .Has one-one used one 'if so are they good ?and which site did you purchase it from ?? :?: