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    Qantas Delays/Cancellations

    Hmmm my Sunday 11/3 QF11 across to JFK that shows as “on time” will presumably be eventually cancelled I’m guessing?
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    Qantas Delays/Cancellations

    Interestingly (first hand experience here), QF11’s 3hr delay out of LAX was not due to holding the flight for the delayed SYD/MEL pax. I arrived on QF93 at 8:45am and was rebooked on a 10:35am Virgin America flight. Interesting carrier choice for J pax given there were a few lie-flat options on...
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    Qantas Delays/Cancellations

    Hi - does anyone have information on the delayed QF23 today (21/12)? It doesn’t look to have left Sydney yet (as of 3:30pm local). Thanks
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    Qantas Delays/Cancellations

    Hi all - does anybody know what the delay to today's QF15 was caused by (delayed ~3:50 to a 2pm departure)? I'm taking QF12 out of JFK tomorrow night and I'm expecting this will probably take a bit of a hit as a result of the late inbound...
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    Qantas Delays/Cancellations

    Re: General Qantas Delays/Cancellations/etc. Discussion I have a good friend on this flight - would appreciate any insight you all might have!
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    Is Platinum worth it?

    Ive been entering the lounges by myself since 15 (was QFF gold, now plat)... I'm now 22 - have the rules changed!?
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    Qantas cant accept multi class bookings Y+/J

    Sadly yes, this is the case... and it makes sense: The added $$ from upsell would likely be eclipsed by the loss of business tickets for day flights (e.g. to and from Asia the revenue loss from someone who would have bought a J r/t but instead with the flexibility this would give goes Y on...
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    Qantas seat selection issue?

    Op-up it is... Was considering a poibts upgrade to J but it has been showing J2 W0 for about a week with Y wide open (Y9... Q9 and even X9!). Upgrading QFFs for the first A380 service? y wouldn't have been too bad if I had snagged a row...
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    Qantas seat selection issue?

    Hi all, Quick question... booked on QF7 on the A380 to DFW in Y... Had originally selected 32K, and checked expertflyer this evening to discover it vacant? Went to MMB and found "not selected" under my seat assignment. Have tried to select a new seat (plenty open) however it refuses to confirm...
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    Qantas getting hard on RSA

    QF has been pushing me alcohol since I was 15. Mostly TPAC flights to the USA which is interesting as well.
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    Losing WP

    From my experience.... I made SG in 2007 (renewal date August), and have recieved the 'comp' letter every July since 07... and have made SG in mid August every year (my travel is usually at the same times every year). So I guess the freebie is in your pocket again!
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    WP perks when in whY

    Flew HNL-SYD last year in Y class, and received a really nice welcome from the CSM just after takeoff... as a SG - quite unexpected at the time, but a really nice touch!
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    Are Qantas A380's still grounded?

    Well I'll be on the same aircraft to LAX from MEL arriving on the 24th so I'll let you know! :cool:
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    Question on QF SC earn....

    Now I have been searching high and low (no doubt after saying this someone will find exactly what I was looking for in a thread from yesterday...) but!.. I know that Q and W class economy bookings on AA earn O qffpoints - however do they earn SC's? The wording seems to be confusing me...
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    Qantas New Check In Seating Allocation

    Sorry if this has been discussed previously! (I skimmed through and couldn't find it!) But... how would/do codeshare fares factor in to this? If I book an AA flight MEL-SYD-LAX-ORD-DTW (In 'H Class') with the return JFK-LAX-MEL (In 'V Class') would the system view this as 'better' than...
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    August 2008

    Going to miss you by a few hrs! AUG26 SYD INT J 8:30-10am QF107
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    Upgrades Syd -LAX

    Not sure about to SYD... however I had a question about a recent op-up on the QF94 LAX-MEL route... """"THREAD HIJACKING"""" (not sure whether that's appropriate on an avaition forum.........?) It was my first flight as a QF SG, and I was booked on the AA codeshare flight number in V class...
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    W booking class on for QF?

    Hi all; quick question... Now I know that if I book the following... MODIFY...
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    CX upgrades - multiple PAX in booking

    Yes - WP upgraded free of charge J>F... whilst I (Silver) stayed down in whY!
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    How to contact the American embassy

    The American Embassy here in Melbourne is near impossible to deal with... You can only talk to people by appointment, and you need to make appointments a month in advance! I would try emailing them (i got a timley but not so helpful response) and hope they can answer your queries!