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    Help with dom biz sale fares

    thanks for reply.. Mon March 19th... QF 971 Tsv-Bne (I avail 9) - QF 541 Bne-Syd (I avail 6)... full J fare $1228 Wedn March 21st QF 562 Syd-Bne (I avail 9) - QF 978 Bne-Tsv ( I avail 8) Full J fare $1228 The QF website used to show Jsaver and Full J fares. The Jsavers used to be more...
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    Help with dom biz sale fares

    Hi Been 2 years since i flew due to illness. Have been looking at a return tsv-syd via bne in J for confrence. I remember you could book J saver fares, i think they were usually an QF I class fare. But cannot seem to find pricing as J C D fares are the only to show on expert flyer. All flights...
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    Upgrade problem

    I need your help/guidance Its been a long time since l was in this place. due to illness and change of location my gold status has reduced to bronze over the last 3 years. Have not flown QF or infact any airline in that time. so am not up to date. I have booked a paid econ flex ticket...
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    Singapore QF/BA lounge new changes

    Oh no! Not another curtain. I can see it now, behind row 5 in the lounge. The question will be if they will use it like onboard, Sometimes, all the time or never. And l hope those damn J lowlifes don't think they can stomp on through and use our loo's. Can you imagine! the thought of...
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    British Airways (BA) has moved to cut ties with Qantas Airways Limited

    Insider, what your saying re QF's statements is probally just that, "QF's view. But now we seem to be finally hearing some of the BA view which seems somewhat different from QF's. It seems clear from the news posting that BA is confirming or at least indicating that codeshares from Asia to...
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    British Airways (BA) has moved to cut ties with Qantas Airways Limited

    Just released via online news ninemsn British Airways (BA) has moved to cut ties with Qantas Airways Limited (ASX: QAN), by ending a code-share agreement for connecting flights from Asia to London, when the partnership ends on March 31. According to the Australian Financial Review (AFR)...
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    Qantas / Emirates tie up (Partnership inc. Codeshare, Status)

    It was announced tonight that Standard and Poor's have downgraded QF to BBB- with more to announce a revision early next week. Indications are that further downgrades are likely. It seems by all accounts the markets have not been moved by the tie up announcement except in a further downward...
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    Significant changes to Upgrades

    Yes Serfty, I put in QF as sole carrier..
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    Significant changes to Upgrades

    Thankyou both for your response, Just to clarify, There are No U fare class on any flight on domestic on QF according to my flight search's on EF. Now l don't know if this is a new thing for QF or not so am unsure how as covered in earlier posts on this thread you even access U on domestic...
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    Significant changes to Upgrades

    Can someone confirm that l have got this right please. I am flying Tsv-Bne on Friday and requested an upgrade from y to j at time of booking 7500 points. Screen came back with no availabilty at this time. So ok! l went to Expert flyer and did a flight availabilty search and it came back...
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    The rights of the tall

    I keep getting drawn to the saftey issue! Perhaps this could genuinely be a saftey issue. If not only for him but at least the people sitting around him, especialy if he is allocated a middle seat. The same goes for the more overweight, not so much themselves but for the people around them...
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    Whats happened with Tiger

    Press Conference scheduled for 2pm to announce Tiger's clearance to fly Press conference scheduled for 2pm to announce Tiger's clearance to fly. Tiger Airways Aust set to get OK to fly
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    Call me Doctor

    Perhaps, it's a passport thing. Is not this sort of title and qualifacation recognised on passport info. I know other formal titles are.
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    Ok! Fess Up, is it You. QF extra lounge benefits!

    There seems to be a developing trend to smoke in the showers of lounges for many airlines but particularly QF domestic, both QC and J. Over the past year at least 3 or 4 times now l have gone to take a shower at some point in my journeys to walk into a recently vacated clean shower room only...
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    Discount Y Platinum vs. Premium cabin Platinum, who is really worth more to Qantas

    Re: Discount Y Platinum vs. Premium cabin Platinum, who is really worth more to Qanta I have to stongly disagree with the statement that J domestic cabins don't fly with paid seats, that most are upgrades, awards and ODU's. I know, because l am one of those "paying" flyers. Am l stupid...
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    Upcoming Qantas Frequent Flyer Changes

    Ok, Whilst my status is only gold and l am no expert:oops:, l do have some thoughts. I believe these changes are a pre-emptive shot to deal with the new Virgin Australia, rebranding, partnerships, business and full service, lounge and service changes. These new Qf changes are to sure-up and...
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    Upcoming Qantas Frequent Flyer Changes

    JohnPhelan, Please don't take me to seriously, it was a tounge in cheek post. I am not even a platinum at the moment. It was just a fun post responding to all the negative POO pushers.
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    Upcoming Qantas Frequent Flyer Changes

    "I have just been invited" Tell them many here think, There new POO's stink! That the old POO's don't want to sink to the bottom of the new POO pile. Also that "ALL" POO's should be treated the same. Just because my POO is not as much as the next persons doesent mean my POO's any less...
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    Upcoming Qantas Frequent Flyer Changes

    So the 1st.......3 "Platinum One" cards were issued yesterday by the mad irishman. And the recipients don't yet know their new entitlements in full. I wonder what they look like. I look forward to seeing QF's 12 celloists & bowed rose petal throwers paving the way, for the gold plated...
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    Why can't I fly to the US cheaply anymore???

    Perhaps the new Virgin Australia rumoured tie-up/arrangement?? talks with SQ may see some benifits come our way. If l understand things right, could Virgin sell a direct USA service using SQ metal (normal SQ flight) ect but sell it as a codeshare??????????????? under there own steam. Would...