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  1. clipped_wings

    Claim your share of 20 Million Velocity Points

    I think the over 18 caveat would be due to the words "promotion", which loosely constitutes gaming (gambling)?
  2. clipped_wings

    Stop the COVID-19 Train......I WANT TO GET OFF!

    Ahh, Mattg, I wouldn't be a sign writer if I didn't make a faux pas now and then haha!
  3. clipped_wings

    Stop the COVID-19 Train......I WANT TO GET OFF!

    Hello again, Thanks for the well wishes, those comments are hugely comforting to me and I hope that you are all safe and well, as am I. I wrote what I thought was a comprehensive and stellar addendum to this story the other day. But in the process of reading and editing (one of my little...
  4. clipped_wings

    Blissfully unaware in NW Tasmania

    Wow those ferries seem so close to the shore! Is that a man-made channel or just a really deep river?
  5. clipped_wings

    Blissfully unaware in NW Tasmania

    It's so interesting, your observation with regard to a couple of restaurants and how they didn't appeal to locals. I was watching one of those food reality shows (Restaurants on the Edge - don't judge me ;) and I noted that the main chef had observed the critical need too cater to your locals...
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    Blissfully unaware in NW Tasmania

    @ric_melb so true. @drron is a giant when it comes to trip reports. One of the best contributors. And yes, so many wonderful, young and enterprising restaurants could not survive the last few months. But thankfully, we get to experience some of them via the generosity of fellow AFF's. I love...
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    A Christmas Surprise (Air China Business Class)

    Thank you for bringing us on this beautifully written sabbatical. I am certain that you gave your family more with your presence, than any presents money could buy. And the special memory of this trip will only fortify as the years (and family) pass. I envy you for your ingenuity. And I envy...
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    Blissfully unaware in NW Tasmania

    I've never been to Tassie, but loving your report with those delicious photos and commentary!
  9. clipped_wings

    To Infinity........and BEYOND!

    Wow, just found this thread and realised I never finished it. Not sure the grey matter has enough electrodes working in the Memory Department, but I might try to recollect enough useless information to constitute another entry later today. :)
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    2020 Travel Plans

    Well I've just read this incredible thread from start to right now. And I must say - it is a poignant reflection of the year in general. So much enthusiasm this time last year! So many amazing travel plans - I didn't see one itinerary that I did not want to be a stowaway on! How sad it was to...
  11. clipped_wings

    New Virgin Website

    I still get a peculiar error message when I first log in to Velocity from the home page. It opens a new tab that says "page not found". I have to return to the home page, then click "log in" again. I use Chrome, so perhaps I need to use another browser? PS - I hope Velocity lurks in this...
  12. clipped_wings

    Velocity - Are you serious

    They'll be back in the black in no time with those rates.
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    Stuck in quarantine.....where would you be?

    I wouldn't mind being stuck on that Qatari Royal Family 747 that's for sale. Happy to fly RTW for 14 days straight and not leave the aircraft.
  14. clipped_wings

    Qantas 747 joy flight out of Sydney

    I just don't get it. Someone would pay all that money and time to fly on what would be one of the most memorable and sentimental flight on a 747 for the LAST time.... Then, they sell the memory???? For me, it's worth nothing if you weren't there to experience it. However, I suppose someone will...
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    Virgin Australia to be sold to Bain Capital

    Just read my previous post from yesterday. I gotta stop drinking in the afternoon........
  16. clipped_wings

    Virgin Australia to be sold to Bain Capital

    There's a ironic ending to a movie I once saw, where the final shot pans out from the main characters till they are too tiny to see. The scene continues to retract and the wide angle gets progressively further and further away - until finally the Earth and it's galaxy are specks of Matter, being...
  17. clipped_wings

    Confused about email regarding status 'extension'

    I think they mean the Plat status will extend through July 2022. Mr Clipped dropped to Gold a week before Velocity announced the extension - then he was emailed to say they would extend his Gold membership a year and that his new review date would be March 2021. Which sounded to us like the way...
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    Qantas 747 joy flight out of Sydney

    I meant a 747 😁
  19. clipped_wings

    Qantas 747 joy flight out of Sydney

    Oh wow, what an epic adventure! Such a bittersweet memory for everyone on board I'm sure. She was the first plane I ever experienced over 28 years ago and I was in love from that moment on. How wonderful that this incredible bird was part of my lifetime. Jealous of every single passenger on this...