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    Cost of Covid PCR tests by country for international travellers

    Please add to table and insert currency type Country Type of test Cost & Currency Source Australia PCR AUD $120 - $150 (incl GST) PCR same day turn around AUD $300 (incl GST) PCR + IgM (China requires PCR neg and blood IgM neg) AUD $180 - $210 (incl GST) PCR home collection...
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    Victoria's new pandemic legislation

    Chairman Dan has tabled legislation amending the public health act to allow the Premier to make a Pandemic declaration - where the declaration can be extended 3 months at atime with no limit on the number of extensions. Included in the declaration is the power to limit movement, ban gatherings...
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    SQ A380 warm up with SIN-KUL

    SQ temporarily deploying A380 on the SIn-KUL route to give their A380 crew a chance to clean out the cobwebs. Nov-Dec2021 Only J and Y to be sold Unsure if Suites and PE will be open for seating
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    India Covid

    Interesting data from India As well all know India suffered a major wave of Delta infections which overwhelmed its hospitals That was in May where over 400,000 new cases per day were detected. However by 1 july that number had plummeted to 46,000 per day However the vaccinations on 1July were...
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    Covid Vaccinated Lanes at airports

    Singapore opening Vaccine travel lane at airports to: US UK Canada Denmark France Italy Netherlands Spain South Korea Brunei Germany Hong Kong Macao But the vaccinated from those countries using those lanes must have a Covid negative test and if eligible will not have to quarantine A new...
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    Dumb things to do with an aircraft

    Dumb thing to do with an airplane Yellow aircraft was in a street parade. Then after parade couldn’t be bothered to truck it to airport. Instead decided to fly out and tried to take off on a road. During take off roll slid onto shoulder which was cambered down - erased a lot of take off...
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    Where is this photo taken? (Anyone can post a photo)

    New thread to whet the appetite of soon to be travellers: Where is this photo taken ( I didint take it)
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    Airfares cheaper than the transport to the airport

    What airport town combo where the transport was more expensive than the airfare?
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    Forced kitchen Reno due to Flooding

    Story: Water filter leak. Flooding Dug up timber flooring (glued on concrete slab) Pulled up carpets Skirting boards removed Kick boards under kitchen cabinets removed Active drying with industrial fans Damaged timber floors replaced like for like Damaged carpeted floors payout and used the...
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    On This day.....

    On this day 24th February 1989. UA 811 B747-100 LAX-HNL-AKL-SYD Cargo door failure and subsequent structural failure causing 9 passengers to exit the aircraft during flight from HNL. Aircraft repaired Issues surrounding cargo door design for large commercial aircraft were known for a many...
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    Cherries from Young

    Did a Sydney-Young-Sydney splash and dash to get 6x5kg Cherries from Young NSW. Did not do pick your own When I got home I realised I should have got 7boxes $60 per 5kg
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    Qantas dips into balance sheet Appears that QF has enough liquidity to see it through Dec 2021. And unencumbered assets of 2.7 billion that it could go to market to secure further debt fundings.
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    When is a Demo not a Demo. Cars

    When is a Demo not a Demo?. While waiting for my VW Golf to be declared either a write off or a repair job. (NRMA taking its time- accident 4March) I went to look at a Demo/Used VW Passat Alltrack Diesel (Not made anymore, one of 5 left in the country still for same) Advertised as a Demo...
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    Alaska Airlines to join One World

    Alaska airlines AS to join One World in Summer 2021 - will partner with American Airlines AA with codeshare agreements involving West Coast USA (LAX and SEA) New city pairs could be SEA-LHR and SEA-BLR (Bangalore India)
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    Uber driver requirements

    Asking for my newly retired neighbour What the requirements to be an Uber driver in NSW/Sydney He has a 1 year old insured car He also has demerit points on drivers license Australian citizen Whats the background check?
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    Coronavirus (COVID-19) Respiratory illness - Effect on Travel

    A virus similar to SARS has broken out in China (Wuhan province). The disease has also been detected in some SEA countries Theory is that virus is animal origin and has made an animal to human jump and is being propagated by human to human transmission. SIN, HKG and LAX are commencing...
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    Should companion animals be allowed in the human cargo hold on Australian domestic flights?

    Small dogs and cats? Not sure about cabin crew trained in animal first aid or whether an aircraft should be diverted if animal medical emergency occurs
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    How to book stopovers

    Many fare rules allow stopovers. Is there a way of booking a stopover without a travel agent A fare is $xx_X for ABC-GHI transiting through DEF. How do I book a stopover (>24 hours or several days) in DEF (fare rules allow a stopover)? Or am I really booking a multi fare multisegment? Thanks...
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    AI314 19Oct18 DEL-HKG 200ft AGL 2.6nm short of runway 1)At least the pilots managed to go around bottoming out at 200ft vertical after the ground proximity warning went off. 2)Sounds like VMC (visual meteorological conditions) at HKG (edited from PVG) ILS glideslope...
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    Malaysia departure tax hike

    Malaysia is proposing a departure tax hike. The tax will depend on class of travel on departure and also intended destination. J class to AUS could be MYR $150 per person. J class to SIN could be MYR $50 per person. This may affect MH disproportionately...