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    AA earn on MU ?

    hi i booked BNE-PVG-MEL J class on QF codeshare with MU. agent could not add my AA # when checking in and said there was no agreement with AA. Anyone know if the QF codeshare with MU is eligible for AA points ? thanks !
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    Qantas Switch ?

    Wondering if the combined wisdom of the forum can help me figure out whether moving to QFF is good idea. I've been with AA for close to 10 yrs and have lifetime gold status. I'm based in Melbourne and do 8 - 10 long haul trips per year. Mainly to Singapore, Tokyo and Shanghai/HK. I also do a...
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    4 sectors on AA metal

    decided to suck it up and clock 4 flights in Feb between LAX and JFK. Has anyone done this ? what would be the most efficient itinerary ? much obliged in advance
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    should I stay (with AA) or go (to SG)

    Hi, wondering if i can tap the wisdom of this forum. I recently moved to Sing from HK and also just hit 2million lifetime miles with AA. Being in Singapore i think it makes sense to move to SQ and get some status with a Star Alliance carrier. But AA redemption is by far better than most and can...
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    Booking AA Advantage

    I'm having awful trouble paying the taxes on a AA award (Syd-Mel). I call the AA ofice in the US and they have no problem taking my booking, but i can't finalise as they can't accept a Australian Amex. Anyone know of a work around for this? thanks in advance
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    Problems Booking AA awards

    Just got off the phone with AA, had no touble reserving my tickets syd - per return. But they can't ticket them as the system will not allow them to book them as a e-ticket and they won't send paper tickets to australia. My fall back is sending the tickets to our USA office, but really don't...
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    Finnair RTW

    Hi all, was thinking of taking advantage of the finnair rtw bus class deal for an upcoming trip to HKG and NYC. $6800 + taxes is a pretty sweet deal. My original idea was to spend a weekend with friends in HKG then on to NYC for a weeks work. Having just made the switch to AA after QF...
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    2 months and still no reply.....Goodbye QF hello AA

    Following is an email i sent to customer care 2 months yet no reply. This is the final straw....cya qantas. I arrived into NYC last night after a very unpleasant flight on QF 11 and QF3047, all due to my seating preferences being ignored yet again. I don't expect much from the FF...