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    Plat One Function 26NOV14

    Did every P1 get this invite via email? I didn't get one...maybe they're selective in who they give it to even at P1 level? "We're very privileged to have you as a Platinum One Frequent Flyer. To celebrate the end of 2014, and to thank you for your loyalty, I'd like to invite you and a guest...
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    Looks like QF/EK Alliance isn't working for QF. Europe now via London not DXB.

    What's the point of the alliance if QF is now telling agents in their availability displays to book via London and connect on BA for Europe options. Maybe they should have stayed with BA. Interesting article that shows what is happening. Travel to Europe? QANTAS suggests you go via London -...
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    No more QF chauffeur drive to LAX and DFW

    Well I guess that answers the question of when JFK will get the QF chauffer drive...also very unlikely to JNB and SCL now as well. So much for being "harmonised" with Emirates partner.. Here it is from QF: Chauffeur Drive update Effective 1 July 2014, Qantas' complimentary Chauffeur Drive...
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    Open wine bottles will be reused on Qantas domestic business class

    Looks like another cost cutting technique for domestic business class on Qantas. QANTAS will reuse open wine bottles in Domestic Business Class - Airline Hub Buzz | Airline news and Information
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    QF surcharge on SYD-DFW flight

    If you need to book to Dallas best do it before 11 April. QF will surcharge everyone on the QF7 after this date. more details QANTAS to "tax" its Dallas bound customers - Airline Hub Buzz | Airline news and Information
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    Same day international "status run" - is it OK?

    Just wondering if anyone has done an international same day status run? I'm thinking of a MEL to AKL return basically staying airside transit in AKL and coming back. Would this cause problems coming back in Australia with customs/immigration? Has anyone done this type of thing? PS -sorry for...
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    QF trials new "no tray" meal service in Economy Class

    apparently today's QF1 will trial a new style of meal service in economy class. there will be no trays. More details: QANTAS trials new International Economy meal service - Airline Hub Buzz | Airline news and Information
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    Upgrading to First with Enrich but earn QF points

    Hello, I am keen on booking a Business KUL-CDG but want to earn QF status credits and it still possible to register for an upgrade using my Enrich miles or does the system stop this? Thanks!
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    QANTAS open day 19 October

    Who has scored tickets to the QANTAS open day 19OCT at SYD to check out the 787, new 717 and 747? I think it was only given to Platinum one people. It's mainly staff out there.
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    QF operational upgrades for Platinum One

    The Plat One treatment leaves so much to be desired...registered for a long haul upgrade from Bangkok to Sydney Economy to Business. It finally came through today even though the Business cabin has been pretty wide open most of the whole week - so much for WP1 getting considered earlier to...
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    32,000 points off Economy Class QF awards to London

    This seems to be a targeted offer of 32 000 points off Economy awards to London...did anyone else get this email? Is it just for Plat One? Here is the body: Dear xx_XX Up to 32,000 Qantas Points off Classic Award flights to London - 5 days to book. Not everyone has access to this offer...
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    New QF A380 reconfiguration!!!

    Not sure if this new seat map is up for the reconfigured QF A380 rego VH-OQD is up on the site but please see attached. What on earth is QF thinking with this reconfiguration? First flight is tomorrow QF11 SYD-LAX on 18th june. Here is a summary of the changes: MAIN DECK   Nine additional...
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    Plat One : Special Events invitation

    From the QF website on the benefits for Plat One Invitations to special events and experiences It's the little extras that make all the difference. That's why there's more to Platinum One benefits than just flying. Throughout the year, the Platinum One Special Service Team will be inviting...
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    Scarce access to QANTAS Intl First and Business awards

    I am still trying to understand QF’s logic of basically blocking the release of any P (First) or U (Business) award seats to destinations such as LAX, SIN and LHR. You may find a scattering of seats throughout the year mid-week (Tu/We/Th) but that’s about it. LAX is the worst culprit – and in...
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    QF Platinum One - how successful has it really been?

    How successful has P1 really been? Do you think it's has lived up to all the marketing hype? I reached P1 late last year, I wasn't in the original first batch of people, but so far in experience with it, it has been largely disappointing... A lot of marketing hype that QF hasn't really...
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    Bonus QF points not posting?

    Flew a domestic SYD/MEL/SYD yesterday and standard points posted same day, however the bonus points as promoted did not show. Does anyone know if there is a delay or will it be like pretty much every promotion QF does a matter of emails/phone calls/chasing to get it actioned? Thanks.
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    Platinum One: QF cabin crew and ground staff not aware of status codes

    It seems with QF so pre-occupied with grounding their airline they've forgotten to brief and tell the people where it counts most about the new status codes for P1 and Chairman's P1. The new codes that are now appearing on the on board passenger manifest for crew and in QF's Amadeus/Altea for...
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    QANTAS Platinum one - might not be going ahead

    I have heard through the grapevine that the peeps at QF are nowhere near ready to launch plat one - they are still trying to decide exactly what it is to offer. It could potentially be delayed until next year or scraped all togther. Not so smart of QF dragging their feet with this one -...
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    Westpac Altitude rewards - Air NZ no longer bonus partner?

    Does anyone know when Air NZ stopped being a Westpac Altitude Rewards bonus partner? It looks like Etihad has now joined as a bonus partner. Which is good...
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    Air New Zealand no longer a bonus partner + Etihad has just joined as bonus

    It looks like Air New Zealand is no longer a "bonus" partner in Alt Rewards...does anyone know when this happened? Also, Etihad has just joined Alt Rewards which is good...they are a bonus partner. When you buy EY tickets using the Plat Amex card you get up to 6 points per dollar spent.