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    Etihad Lounge in Melbourne?

    pretty likely this article says by May Photo of the Day: Etihad Airways' Melbourne business luncheon - TTG Asia - Leader in Hotel, Airlines, Tourism and Travel Trade News
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    Feeling a little ripped off.

    I have never had any problems taking 2 bags on a QantasLink Dash-8 (and since I live in CBR most of my int. trips started with a dash-8). And even the Qantas website only states that if you take more than 1 bag (23kg) it may not travel on the same plane.
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    Thai Lounge Sydney

    I can confirm Happy Trails' experience - at the TG F check-in I was told the NZ lounge is under renovation and was invited to use the SKL F lounge. They probably assumed suggesting the temp. NZ lounge would be a bit of an offence towards a F pax. No issues with SQ staff while entering the lounge...
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    Singapore T1 and T2 - please reality check (my unnecessarily complex) plan

    At Changi, I once tried to go through immigration at a different terminal then the one I have arrived at, as I'd met up with a friend there. No chance - they made me take the train back to my original terminal even when I assured them I am travelling HLO. I could imagine the same would happen...
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    ETIHAD - AA Partner

    pmdg7444 book another award (e.g. QF SYD-LHR) online and then call up to change, as their is no change fee
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    Where in the world am I?

    10800 pts, was actually already happy to get the continent right for each question :-)
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    AAdvantage and US Dividend Miles - Combining our loyalty programs in 2015

    thats a great way to go to the US, but CX F availability is not that great. Easier to fly JL in F to NRT and onwards in F to the USA.
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    Booking AA award flight from AU?

    Just book them online one-after-the-other. To avoid the unlikely case that somebody will book away some tickets while you are in the process, just put the itineraries "on hold" first.
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    BA 777 extra-legroom seat for OWS

    I was looking for a BA SIN-SYD (777-300) flight and before booking, expertflyer showed that one of the extra-leg room seat (29C) is available. However, after booking the BA website did not allow me to chose this seat, despite having my OWS number in the booking. I've called BA and was told there...
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    Thai airways first class and fleet renewal

    Actually, I couldnt wait and called United last night for the reissue. It seemed more complicated than I've thought, as they claimed I was only a business award now. I told them this was an involuntary downgrade and that I have never received any repayment of miles for that. Anyway, the...
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    Thai airways first class and fleet renewal

    Just been on the phone with Thai AUS - They were very friendly and finally the ROP department has wait-listed me for "First", however mentioned that since the downgrade United has only paid for Business. Therefore I need to confirm a re-issue of the ticket with them. As I am on TG475 (where F is...
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    I've been pretty happy - have stayed at IHG Miami and got 15,000 AA-miles (thats close to PER-AKL in J!!) for 3 days and the price was roughly the same as other websites. Only downside may be if you have an IHG membership, you might not collect rewards.
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    Is there a pilot on board?

    Was this kept secret for half a year or who goes on a Christmas Vacation in May?
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    QF A380 J Seating

    Being SG, it seems like I can still get into Emerald City, although I am limited to the last row (13). Anyone's got any experiences with this one? I'd assume it still feels a bit more quiet on the long QF1 flight than the regular J section.
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    Usa j1, o1, o2 visa

    J-1 is the correct one if you have a US university or institution who will hire you as a temporary employee or you're doing a course there. O-1 is the correct one if you have performed in a movie or hit the Oz charts "has been recognized nationally or internationally for those achievements" O-2...
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    Premium Economy or Business QF 380 Sydney to LAX

    I've slept pretty well in premium economy on SYD-NRT, but obviously it won't compare to a Skybed Mk II in biz. As upgrades on the trans-pacific route are quite though, particular without elite status, you could try to get a business upgrade, but only opt for the option to get premium economy in...
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    Partner Award Multi-Sector Mixed Class - Baggage allowances?

    My understanding is that as long as HKG remains a transit rather than a stopover, the most significant carrier rule will give you F luggage allowance on the Australia flight, even if one different PNR
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    Booking Emirates Flights on Qantas FF Website

    I've tried to get an Emirates booking that includes J on an A380. When I tried to redeem to DXB-SYD, the error message during the pay process was something with "error, select different flights" and calling them revealed no availability. Then I tried at least to get DXB-SIN in an A380 and got a...
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    Qantas Award: Availability shown but error when booking

    Hi, I just received enough Qantas points for an award booking with Emirates I will looking into for quite a while now. Unfortunately, when I had chosen my itinerary and going to step 4 (of 5) the booking process, it only gave an error: "We are unable to confirm your selected flights. Select...
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    US Credit Card - useful for Australians?

    Hi, I am currently spending some time in America. So far, I have made all my purchases with a foreign CC, but was thinking if it may be worth applying for an American credit card. Easiest way would be setting up a bank account, which would be w/o monthly fee as long as I keep the balance above...