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    BA 777 extra-legroom seat for OWS

    I was looking for a BA SIN-SYD (777-300) flight and before booking, expertflyer showed that one of the extra-leg room seat (29C) is available. However, after booking the BA website did not allow me to chose this seat, despite having my OWS number in the booking. I've called BA and was told there...
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    Qantas Award: Availability shown but error when booking

    Hi, I just received enough Qantas points for an award booking with Emirates I will looking into for quite a while now. Unfortunately, when I had chosen my itinerary and going to step 4 (of 5) the booking process, it only gave an error: "We are unable to confirm your selected flights. Select...
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    US Credit Card - useful for Australians?

    Hi, I am currently spending some time in America. So far, I have made all my purchases with a foreign CC, but was thinking if it may be worth applying for an American credit card. Easiest way would be setting up a bank account, which would be w/o monthly fee as long as I keep the balance above...
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    Onboard downgrade?!

    Hi, on a not-so-recent-anymore SYD-NRT flight (non-refurbished 747) I was sitting as Y passenger on one of the Y+ seats. Before departure a FA was talking to a lady a couple of rows away from me (unfortunately I could not hear anything). Afterwards she stood up and walked to the back, so clearly...
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    BA flight: Using QF status benefits, while crediting miles to AA

    Hi, I am gonna take an BA flight (discount Y) soon and as the milage earn rate with QF is only 0.25 while 1.00 with AA, I was thinking of crediting my miles to AA instead (not too interested in these status credits). However, I would still like to use my QF SG benefits, e.g. baggage allowance...
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    Booking on - selecting individual flights vs. selecting itinerary

    Hey, after some dummy bookings on the site for a Multi-City trip I have noticed in some occasion I get to choose flight 1 and flight 2 consequently, on other times it only proposes me whole itineraries to choose from. Does anyone observed the same and might know whats the reason I...
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    Seat selection on AA flight sold as codeshare

    Because the search function didnt show me any results, I thought I post a tip on how to pre-select seats on AA that are sold as codeshares (e.g. IB, AY). If you log-in on the AA website with your Sabre PNR you will have NO button to preselect a seat (I think BA codeshares are the only...
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    Qantas: First Class Hosts when flying into SYD

    Hi, I have booked a flight CBR-SYD-DXB with the latter leg in F. As this is my first time travelling F with Qantas, I was wondering if Qantas also picks you up at the gate after the domestic CBR-SYD flight or if this service is only available at the int. terminal curb? Cheers Dan
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    Lounge access without FF number on ticket

    Hi, due to better redemption rates (and much better earn rates on some European carriers, e.g. BA/AY) I was wondering if I should change to AAdvantage after my current membership year ends with requalification to SG. However, I don't want to fly without lounge access until I make it Platinum so...
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    booking my first Award Flight

    Hi, sorry for this rather noob question, but I am about to book my first ever AA award flight (with a QF flight number). I just wanted to make sure, once I have found a seat online and booked/paid I get the seat guaranteed, dont I? Not like upgrade requests where you have to wait until shortly...
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    QF 747-400 seat map and its dependence on plane type version

    Hi, I just booked a flight to Tokyo (QF21/22) in September, which is operated with 747-400 planes. However, QF seems to have 4 different versions of this model with slightly different seat maps. I was now surprised to see a different seat selection seat map for QF21 and 22. Does the booking...
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    Finnair A340 Emergency Seat - restricted legroom?

    Finnair A340 55D extra legroom? hey, for an Finnair A340-300 flight I was thinking which seat is the best to choose? Some of the good ones are already gone, but 21D (first economy bulkhead), as well as 41L (emergency exit with raft) are still available. However, looking through the seatmap 55D...
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    Priority check-in on separate bookings?

    Hi, I am actually quite new to this QFF programs. However, I recently managed to turn PS and will be travelling with Finnair SIN-HEL next month. As I am travelling with a NB friend on a separate booking, can we both use the business class check-in (as oneworld ruby) together or do we both have...