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  1. TheCityLane

    Melbourne - London - Istanbul - Tehran - Shiraz - Melbourne

    Not sure how to delete this post but it's not needed - I've (after a lot of searching) come up with a winning combo! Hi all A rather complex flight here (I think) that I'm hoping somebody with some more skill in this matter can help me with. My wife and I have the following trip planned...
  2. TheCityLane

    Lesson Learned The Hard Way

    So I've realised I'm probably going to miss my Platinum renewal SC target by 100 SC this year. Was planning to fly SIA from MEL - KIX however due to time of flights had to choose Jetstar instead (for almost the same price!). Not so worried due to the soft landing to gold and lack of any real...
  3. TheCityLane

    MEL - KIX: Book via Virgin or Sinagpore Airlines

    Hi I'm planning on doing a return MEL - KIX - MEL trip later on this year and was wondering if I were to book via the Sinagpore Airlines website would I still get the additional baggage allowance and lounge access that I'd get if I booked through Virgin (I'm a Platinum FF)? I can't seem to...
  4. TheCityLane

    Acceptance In Japan

    I've just returned from 2 weeks in Japan and have to say that I was very impressed with the acceptance of AMEX over there (Osaka, Kyoto, Tokyo). Before traveling I was told that credit card acceptance was quite low in Japan but to be honest I found it to be pretty much the same as in Australia...
  5. TheCityLane

    Double Points For SQ Flights Taken Between 10 April and 15 June 2014.

    Looks like this one has been active since 18 March 2014 but haven't noticed anyone post about it on here. Earn 50% bonus Velocity Points when travelling in Economy and...
  6. TheCityLane

    Fees - International Bookings

    I booked some flights to Japan the other day and was quite disappointed with the service fees. $60 per person for the booking on top of the usual fees and charges because I booked via the telephone. The thing is, it's not possible to make many of the international bookings online! One of the...
  7. TheCityLane

    Checked Baggage

    Hi I have a domestic flight Melb-Adelaide with Qantas on an economy ticket. I was wondering how strict Qantas is on baggage dimensions as I was wanting to check in a regular sized, empty eski. Thanks, Paul
  8. TheCityLane

    Hello Everyone

    Hi all I've been browsing this forum for the best part of 2013 and finally took the plunge and signed up the other day. I've gained so much knowledge from reading these forums and am amazed at just how easy it is to get SC, points and free flights by being smart and knowing your stuff. Thanks...