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    Haneda hotel for overnight layover?

    If you're after a cheap clean room for transit the Toyoko Inn chain has a couple of hotels at Haneda with a free shuttle bus. Double rooms are around ¥9000. Some rooms have airport views. No...
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    Citibank to Exit Australian Retail Banking

    I've still got a Citibank VISA cashback card. It gives me 1% back on all purchases. I use it for bills and places where I spend over $100 (otherwise I use the HSBC 2%). It was discontinued for sale maybe a decade ago. Only $79 per year. I hope it continues on.
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    Difficult decision re quick trip to Perth Airport from the east

    I've been through this, and as DK4 said, no it is not possible. You pass through this pseudo immigration/quarantine process as you exit the Aerobridge. So you cannot enter the terminal without completing the process. Masks must be worn until exiting the terminal. There is an exception while...
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    Has Qantas' Price Promise Been 'Enhanced'?

    There may be no reference to it on the website. But if you go to book a flight it is still listed even now as a benefit for booking with Qantas.
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    QF574 PER-SYD drops from A330-200 to B737-800

    Bring back the 747 red eye.
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    QF574 PER-SYD drops from A330-200 to B737-800

    It might not be unusual for VA in the past when they kept dropping A330's for 737's, but it is unusual for QF. I have been flying QF574 on Saturdays at least 6 times a year for many years. This is the only time a 737 has been scheduled on QF574 in the dozens of flights I have taken.
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    QF574 PER-SYD drops from A330-200 to B737-800

    I regularly fly SYD-PER and PER-SYD. Being a larger and tall person, I find the A330 Economy more comfortable for a 4-5 hour flight than the 737. so only book the QF A330 services for longer flights. I moved back to QF from Virgin when the A330's were removed from the times I wanted to fly on...
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    Luggage arrived in Perth soaking wet flying QF from MEL -> PER.

    At least in other countries that do, they cover it with canvas and only take it off when they unload at the plane.
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    Targeted QF Double Status Credit Offer. Book 28 Oct - 4 Nov 19. Fly 5 Nov 19 - 22 Oct 20

    I didn't say that i'd change my flight dates, but had I known about the SC bonus coming the next day, yes I would have waited and booked a day later to get the SC bonus. All good. I'll keep an eye on the Airfare and if it drops while this promotion is running I'll re-book.
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    Targeted QF Double Status Credit Offer. Book 28 Oct - 4 Nov 19. Fly 5 Nov 19 - 22 Oct 20

    That said flight date, not booking date. The flight date has not changed, so still not eligible for the partner discount.
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    Targeted QF Double Status Credit Offer. Book 28 Oct - 4 Nov 19. Fly 5 Nov 19 - 22 Oct 20

    I don't understand what you mean? The price we paid 27/11 is the same as the price today if we re-book to get the additional SC.
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    Targeted QF Double Status Credit Offer. Book 28 Oct - 4 Nov 19. Fly 5 Nov 19 - 22 Oct 20

    It was a business saver fare, and in my circumstance the $200 cancellation PP fee is probably not worth 185 status points. Pete.
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    Targeted QF Double Status Credit Offer. Book 28 Oct - 4 Nov 19. Fly 5 Nov 19 - 22 Oct 20

    My timing always seems to be off. Bought a Business class ticket PER-AKL for early January on the 27/11, a day before this promotion. The flight date was also a few days before the half price partner premium promotion fares. So double bad timing. This is the first Business fare I have...
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    Compensation for no IFE in J Syd to HNL

    SQ Y PER-SIN received a SGD90 voucher on board for inflight purchase. Not the best conversion, but better than nothing and didn't try for any more.
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    Comfort seat question

    Despite what's in Southwests terms and conditions, the gate agent flatly told me that I am unable to claim any compensation for the money paid for the comfort seat, as I was not large enough to warrant an additional seat and should not have purchased one to begin with. The flight was not full...
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    Comfort seat question

    That exact thing happened to me on a flight from SFO to LAX on Southwest. I only purchased the comfort seats because the airfare dropped and I had received a credit that I had no other use for. But as far as the agent was concerned, It was a paid for additional seat which they revoked without...
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    Worse than feet on bulkheads

    I flew China Eastern earlier this year, and the lady sitting in the aisle seat was happily cutting her toe nails with the off cuts flying around the cabin. I think that's up there with grossness
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    Overseas Spending Money Strategies

    This Newish $1 charge while small used to annoy me, so I just set up a direct debit to automatically pay the balance. The bonus, no fee and the card gets paid even while I may be away. I also ask them at the same time which banks they have tie ups with in the countries I am visiting and this...
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    Japanese Yen--How best to buy it .

    I travel to Japan at least once a year, and I'm a cheapskate. I agree with most people here. Citibank plus and 28 degrees card is the best and lowest cost option for travel in general including Japan. I generally take no cash with me. There are banks of multiple 7/11 ATM's at both Tokyo...
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    Travel insurance that covers missed connections or cancelled flights?

    Yes unless it is cheaper for the insurer to just pay for the non-refundable portion of the cancelled/delayed flight. I imagine in most circumstances it would cost more for a same day flight than what was paid originally for the cancelled/delayed flight. Thanks for your input. For free...