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  1. robw0910

    Invitation to ADL coughtail function with Lesley Grant on 30th oct

    No idea what you're on about but one of the people in previous pic was/is an obnoxious cough
  2. robw0910

    Qatar flight escorted by UK fighter jet to Manchester

    Update from BBC
  3. robw0910

    Lounge at Hamad International Airport in DOHA?

    No alcohol most likely because it is Ramadan.
  4. robw0910

    Nice wines I have drunk recently - Red or White

    Kay Brothers "The Cuthbert" 2008 Cab Sav. Very tasty drop, can't remember buying or receiving it but pleased I did.
  5. robw0910

    MEL Int. to MEL Domestic transfer early morning

    Ahem, ADL is not an etc
  6. robw0910

    22 hours in DOH

    No idea as my Doha experiences have been for work not in transit or a tourist.
  7. robw0910

    22 hours in DOH

    Following link might assist, Sealine Beach is worthwhile if you want to escape the concrete If you enjoy a beer and TV sport then Champions Sports Bar at the Marriott City Center is recommended.
  8. robw0910

    How many current passports do you have???

    Australian & UK and maybe a Scottish one post 18 September.
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    Adelaide Airport immi & customs departure cards-I usually am in the QFF area of AFF

    Re: Adelaide Airport immi & customs departure cards-I usually am in the QFF area of A Have always received mine at check-in counter.
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    AFF's 1,000,000th post thread....

    01/07/14 @ 13:00 (aest)
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    Seat squatting in Exit Row Seats on International Flights

    On a BA LHR-HAM flight a few years back the FA asked myself and another passenger if we wouldn't mind sitting in an exit row seat for take-off/landing. For some reason nobody had been allocated one and it was a requirement.
  12. robw0910

    Doha Luggage Storage

    This is from 2011 and doubt anything changed as new airport still not operating:
  13. robw0910

    Doha Luggage Storage

    Stash it at your stopover hotel
  14. robw0910

    Doing it right in Dubai

    Due nature of wife's condition and some heavy duty meds we erred on side of caution and Doc's insistence.
  15. robw0910

    Doing it right in Dubai

    If scrip covers drugs on UAE banned list you will need letter from doctor plus photocopy of scrips, then visit Notary Public, then DAFF then registered mail to UAE Embassy. About $160 all up depending on how much the NP charges. Just gone through the process for my other half.
  16. robw0910

    Qantas spits out VB and Crown Lager in favour of up-market brews

    I like most Little Creatures and White Rabbit brews but as both are subsidiaries of Lion Nathan they're no longer true craft beers. Having a VB inbound you knew you'd be home soon.
  17. robw0910

    adelaide easter - anzac week what to do

    ADL CBD (Rundle Mall) shops will be open every day except Good Friday Fine dining - Auge in Grote Street, d'Artagnan in O'Connell Street, Nth Adelaide, Jolly's Boathouse off King William Rd, Press in Waymouth Street. Lots of restaurants in Rundle Street and Sosta is a good spot, some good spots...
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    QF581 diverts to Adl

    Re: Qf 581 syd per
  19. robw0910

    Citibank Signature 80k QFF signup bonus $299+$49, ends 31/03/14 [Extended - 31/05/14]

    Re: Citibank Signature 80k QFF signup bonus $299+$49, ends 31/03/14 [Extended - 30/04 This link now showing end of July as cut-off