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  1. sjd

    House with built in flight simulator for sale

    House with flight simulator ready for take-off, "A four-bedroom, four-bathroom Eltham home comes with a heated spa, covered bar, 15-seat home theatre, games room and... a life sized flight simulator coughpit." Right then, time to own up. Who here is downsizing?
  2. sjd

    QF Website confused about membership

    This morning the QF website seems to have forgotten how long I've been around. I signed up back in Dec 1995 and now this: That date does not even correspond to anything meaningful or status related - I was a NB back then and did not reach PS until Dec 2011. Anyone else been partially forgotten?
  3. sjd

    25% off Audio in the QFF Store - don't listen to them!

    Just received an email announcing 25% off select audio in the QFF store. :confused: I certainly hope you all have better value ways to redeem your points. I expect no replies to this thread along the lines off "oh, great I've always wanted to be overcharged for a pair of Dr Dre" or "I've been...
  4. sjd

    A sling through Singapore... and a few other places.

    Sitting in the BNE QF J lounge at the start of a 3 week trip to South East Asia to 4 countries on 5 airlines and a few other forms of transport. Very excited about my first international J experience (thanks to JASA advice on AFF), coming up on Sunday on QF5 and guesting my sister into the F...
  5. sjd

    Has anyone experienced Viet Jet yet? - Enjoy Flying! Booked myself a Da Nang to Ho Chi Minh flight in October. Will I regret this?
  6. sjd

    Which seat flying solo J SYD to SIN on B747?

    Just used my points to book a JASA to SIN next year. Will be first time in J on and intl flight and a B747 both ways. Any advice on which seat to pick? Been allocated upper deck aisle in row 12. Think of trying the nose in one direction and the upper deck in the other.
  7. sjd

    No longer just a lurker

    Finally signed up to this excellent site. Recently got to WP for the first time, suddenly I can get all my status anxiety dealt with by points. Got there by flying QF domestic every week for the past seven months. Death by a thousand cuts.