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    QF574 PER-SYD drops from A330-200 to B737-800

    I regularly fly SYD-PER and PER-SYD. Being a larger and tall person, I find the A330 Economy more comfortable for a 4-5 hour flight than the 737. so only book the QF A330 services for longer flights. I moved back to QF from Virgin when the A330's were removed from the times I wanted to fly on...
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    Travel insurance that covers missed connections or cancelled flights?

    I am looking for travel insurance that covers missed connections or Cancelled flights, but have not had any luck in finding a policy that covers these risks any more. I have about a dozen flights on an upcoming trip, many with connections. All connections have 2 or more hours layover, but I...
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    17,000,000 points worth less than A$790,000.00

    I don't know if anyone has seen this article: But a guy who has aparently hacked 17,000,000 points is being charged in court for the crime. In court they claim the points are worth almost...