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    Revolut - Various sign up Bonus Offers

    eBank Revolut has a new promotion as per below which is a decent deal. Its got alot of features but the one I find the most useful is the disposable / single use virtual cards that change card numbers after each use. Handy if you feel whomever you are handing your details over to are sketchy...
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    David Jones American Express - New Offer - 40,000 MR (20,000 SPG) - Annual Fee $99

    This is a new deal and the highest i have seen for this excellent card. Summary - $99 Annual fee - 40,000 MR points = 20,000 SPG - No spend requirements in dollar terms, you just need to spend 3 times OUTSIDE of David Jones. - David Jones benefits include free delivery, gift wrapping, member...
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    David Jones 30,000 $99 (=15,000 SPG / AA ) + Potential 45,000 for referal

    Hi guys, I have recently applied for this card for the family. I think it's a great way to get SPG points specifically and I'm posting this offer due to the 45,000 referral that's a real drawcard as once transferred to SPG points can be pooled within the family. 30,000 AMEX MR points sign on...
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    Square Referral - Free $1000 in payments with no transaction fee

    Square Referral - $1000 in payments with no transaction fee (PayPal Alternative) A friend of mine who I got onto points and has a business told me about Square promotion whereby you receive $1000 in fee free transactions for referring someone. You can read more about it on their website however...
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    20% Bonus when transferring to AAdvantage Miles - 20k SPG = 30k AA Miles

    Just a heads up Link here to promotion Those of you with AMEX points its effectively 40k MR = 20k SPG = 30k AA
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    AMEX Velocity Platinum Card - 100,000 Points / $349pa / $1000 Spend

    AMEX Velocity Platinum Card - 110,000 Points / $349pa / $1000 Spend EDIT - This is now 110,000 via a referral offer <redacted> 110,000 extra Velocity Points1 when you apply by 30 September 2015, are approved and spend $1000 on your new1 Card in the first 3 months of Card Membership Below...
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    Amex Platinum Edge 10,000 points + fee free 1st year

    Im happy to put my hand up to refer someone as i never have before 10,000 Membership Rewards points3 when you apply by 31 January 2015, are approved and spend $500 on your new3 Card within the first 2 months of Card Membership. $0 for your first year2, and $195 p.a. thereafter. Card Members...
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    Amsterdam to Melbourne - 777-300ER

    I just wanted to see if anyone has flown this recently and if they have the new interior. Its definately the 1-2-1 but not sure if its same A380 type with those really wide seats or new one. Anyone have any experience?
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    Adding Malaysian Airlines Enrich to Amex Rewards

    Simple question - has anyone successfulyl transferred points accross to Enrich. If so, how did you register your account with AMEX, specifically was it just the number of your enrich account or did you also tack on the 'MH' Sorry if this has been asked i couldnt find it. Cheers