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  1. flying_duck

    Priority boarding my cough

    Remind me again why I spend thousands of dollars a year on VA Boarding farce! They were boarding general at the same time as priority.
  2. flying_duck

    Business Flexi Fare Rules

    So this is a bit complicated, hope I can explain but it may be useful to someone oneday. Booking one way CAI (egyptair)- IST - SIN - BNE Want to stopover in IST for 1 day. Fare rules for Business Flexi: Stopover FOR ZOWISTEG TYPE FARES WITH FOOTNOTE 1X NOTE - GENERAL RULE DOES NOT APPLY 1...
  3. flying_duck

    Etihad/Egypt Air/VA Price differences

    Hey All, Doing a search for EY from BNE - CAI in December in J. One way (will pay the other way with points). What is the reason booking with Egyptair is so much cheaper than Etihad or VA? Would I still get points and SC if I book with Egyptair (I'm assuming not). How do I tell which class they...
  4. flying_duck

    BNE - CAI: Best carrier/route as VA Gold?

    Hey All, Looking for carrier/routing recommendations for a VA Gold headed to Cairo. Cost and time sensitive. Must have lounge and seat selection available in Y. Is it better to buy points for business redemption with another airline or just suck it up and go Etihad whY? So confused. Any...
  5. flying_duck

    BNE-LAX Changing Seat at Gate

    Hey All, Hope this is a quick Q. Flying BNE-LAX and can't decide if I want Y+ or not. Can I check in with my existing seat (31A) and pay to upgrade to Y+ at the gate? Or is this not allowed? If it isn't allowed, can I do it over the phone and be reissued a boarding pass? I know you can't do...
  6. flying_duck

    Comparing VA Seat Charts

    Hi all, This is probably one of those common knowledge things for those used to expertflyer... What is the reasoning that the VA seat map and the expertflyer seat map differ for my upcoming BNE-LAX flight? I have googled relentlessly and not found an answer so sorry if this is obvious. Thanks.
  7. flying_duck

    Delta Paid Upgrade W

    Hi All, Hoping this should be an easy answer. I should really know this by now... Flying BNE - LAX on DL in Y. If I pay to upgrade to Comfort + does my ticket change to W and therefore earn W status credits on VA? If I get an upgrade due to status on a domestic USA flight, does this change my...
  8. flying_duck

    Priority Boarding Fail at SYD

    Hi All, A brief brickbat followed by a bouquet for VA today. Prefaced by the fact that I drove to the airport from Bega leaving at midnight so was not in the "deal with public" mood. - Check in staff insists they open at 4:30am. I napped in the car waiting for 5am as the last time I tried I...
  9. flying_duck

    BNE to KTW or SLC - VA Points

    Hi All, Hope this is OK to ask. I'm VA Gold and have a requirement to be in either Utah or Katowice, Poland for 1-2 weeks in July. Because of the short notice I'd like to book a major part on points. I don't mind spending a bit of money but reducing cost is #1 priority. I'd like to leave 30...
  10. flying_duck

    Credit Card "Concierge"... Why?

    Not sure if this is the right place, but I'll ask anyway. What is the value/what do you use credit card concierges for? I've not once found a use for them. I'm sure there are some good ones?
  11. flying_duck

    BNE - VLI Lounge Access - Gold

    Hi All, Considering how often this keeps changing, I've been looking into lounge options for BNE - VLI with my friend. VA Website says Plaza Premium. The Priority Pass website that I'm on says Plaza Premium lounge charges for alcoholic drinks. Is this so? If so, what options do I have, if...
  12. flying_duck

    Hoping for a Miracle, 100SC on Amex Velocity Platinum

    Hi All, Not sure if this was noticed by existing card holders or not. I searched the forum and couldn't find anything since 2012. Amex Velocity Platinum credit cards now come with 100SC when you reach 50K of eligible spend in your card year (ie opening date/anniversary). I just rang the call...
  13. flying_duck

    Southern Cali, Belize and Mexico, with a status run

    Hey All, Thought some might find fun in my trip report from February. In short, the flights were: BNE - LAX - BZE CUN - LAX - SFO - LAX - SYD - BNE This trip put me back into velocity gold for another year. Starting with Los Angeles, most people don't find much to do there, I suppose I don't...
  14. flying_duck

    Private Drivers Playa Del Carmen

    Hi All, Can anyone recommend a driver in Playa Del Carmen? My searching is coming up with tour operators but I just want someone to drive me A to B and back again at weird hours. Any help or pointers greatly appreciated. Thanks :)
  15. flying_duck

    LAX Baggage/VA Question

    Hi All, Looking for some up to date information/help. I just learnt something about LAX the other day I didn't know, so I thought perhaps the herd has more nuggets of help for me. I'm flying CUN - LAX (DL), then status run LAX - SFO - LAX (DL), then LAX - SYD (VA) on the 23rd of February. 3...
  16. flying_duck

    Survey Response Broken [now fixed]

    Hi VFF, I received an email this morning to take a survey about engagement. I clicked the link, and entered my answers, and when I hit submit was presented with the error here: Imgur: The magic of the Internet Just thought you should know. Cheers :)
  17. flying_duck

    BNE - Katowice with VA Earn

    Hey All, Sorry, Europe is a bit of a black hole in my knowledge. This may be super obvious. Is it possible to get from BNE to Katowice and earn VA Points the whole way? I'm imagining I have to book something direct with Singapore, but will it earn if I end up on another carrier's metal...
  18. flying_duck

    End of year/Xmas sales

    Hi All, To help those of us with terrible memories, what are the sales like at the end of the year/xmas time? Need to book a 7 sectors with United, DL and Avianca for February and the prices are rising fast. Or is sales at this time of year a retail only thing? Cheers :)
  19. flying_duck

    SYD-LAX on Delta Comfort +

    Hey All, In October I travelled to Arizona to compete at the USPA National Skydiving Championships. I wasn't able to fly into Tucson/Phoenix as I had too much luggage (120kg between two of us) so drove from LAX... Flew Delta metal for the first time so thought I would share a bit of the...
  20. flying_duck

    LAX-SJO-ATL-LAX on ?

    Hi All, Wasn't really sure where to put this, but I have a ton of questions about this or similar routing and benefits. Itinerary all in whY is something like: Flying SYD - LAX on United/Air NZ Flying LAX - SJO on Avianca SJO - MGA - SJO on Avianca (I need to go back to SJO to pick up my...