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Search results

  1. Danger

    Free Mega Giveaway III

    Here we go again! In August 2016 (Mega Giveaway) and February 2018 (Mega Giveaway II) I ran big giveaways and once again I've amassed enough to go around a third time. Again this time we’re following the treasure hunt idea as for the last giveaway, as pioneered by anat0l (e.g. The AFF...
  2. Danger

    Giveaway: One Qantas Club pass

    One Qantas Club pass with expiry 31 December 2018. If you'd like it, please post. You must have been a member of AFF for at least three months and have at least 30 posts.
  3. Danger

    Free Mega Giveaway II

    It's on again! In August 2016 (Mega giveaway) I ran a big giveaway and now I've amassed enough to do it all again. Last time I offered two random items at a time and a member would simply put their hand up. This time it's a little different. All 65 giveaway items will be listed at once...
  4. Danger

    Answered Identifying your luggage

    I'm interested to learn how people identify (or not) their luggage when they travel. Domestically in Australia I simply use my Q tag but I only print my FF number on it; I don't put my name or even a contact number. Internationally the Q tags are no good, unless you're flying Qantas or you...
  5. Danger

    Two United Club one-time passes

    I have two one-time passes to United Clubs, expiry 30 June. If you are able to use one or both, please post here. See for policies.
  6. Danger

    Simple QF booking; TA in USA who sells in USD?

    Can anyone recommend a good US-based travel agent for a simple Qantas itinerary? Or even a TA anywhere that will accept payment in USD?
  7. Danger

    Missing or lost baggage issues and experiences

    Baggage issues come up on AFF from time to time. With a lot of luck, perhaps this thread can contain experiences, tips and, hopefully, resolutions. Last Christmas I flew PER-xSYD-AUH on an AA award. I had booked a day room in Sydney after the red-eye so short-checked my bags. On checking-in...
  8. Danger

    Scoot experiences

    I'm loathe to start a new thread but I'd be very interested in people's thoughts and advice. On 29 November 2015 I purchases an airfare with Scoot (China to Singapore to Australia and return). I purchased through Opodo and the equivalent cost was AUD800.18. I used my Bankwest MasterCard...
  9. Danger

    (Another) four AA SWUs to giveaway

    Following on my three previous SWU giveaways (;
  10. Danger

    Mega giveaway

    I'm a hoarder! It's an affliction I've suffered from all my life and one I'll carry to my grave. In a moment of rare clarity I've decided that occupying two spare bedrooms with, among other things, airline freebies is not the most appropriate use of space. As a result I have a large number of...
  11. Danger

    Two complimentary Qantas Club passes (exp 7/16)

    If you can use one or both please post. To be eligible you need to have been a member of AFF for at least six months with at least 25 posts.
  12. Danger

    Qantas pyjamas support Aussie Olympians at Rio

    Qantas pyjamas support Aussie Olympians – Travel Weekly These look very flash. It's such a shame AFF doesn't allow you to engage in swapping or else I'd be making offers. Oh well.
  13. Danger

    Two single entry passes to the United Club

    I have two "one-time" passes to the United Airlines Club to giveaway. They are valid until 31 August 2016 and can be used in their United Clubs only (not Star or Arrivals lounges). Guests under 18 must be accompanied by someone over 18. Simply post here if you can use one or both.
  14. Danger

    Japan Airlines rumoured to be heading to Perth

    Global Travel Media » Blog Archive » Japan Airlines preparing to launch non-stop Perth service
  15. Danger

    One AA SWU to giveaway

    I have one AA system-wide upgrade (SWU) to giveaway. Nice and simple this time. You may put your hand up if you've been an AFF member since at least May and have at least 30 posts. Simply post here. The flight you're looking to upgrade must be both marketed and operated by AA. Checking...
  16. Danger

    AA SWU giveaway competition

    Following two previous giveaways here and here I have two further AA SWUs to giveaway by way of an easy competition. As for the July 2014 giveaway: I have decided not to be involved in selecting the winner. If you wish to apply for an upgrade certificate, please send an email to...
  17. Danger

    Rumour: Joyce going; Gail Kelly coming

    Industry rumour - Qantas CEO Alan Joyce to go soon and ex Westpac CEO Gail Kelly to take over? "OK, so this is a rumour and albeit from a very reliable source, I have failed to obtain any substantiation, but with QF CEO Alan Joyce once again – the second time in just over six months –...
  18. Danger

    Four AA SWUs to giveaway

    Following on from the earlier competition ( and as a result of my steep learning curve that you can't use SWUs earned in 2013 beyond 28 February 2015, I have four AA...
  19. Danger

    Seattle's Museum of Flight and the Boeing Factory

    In the last couple of days I've had the pleasure of visiting the Museum of Flight and the Boeing Factory in Seattle. The museum has heaps of aircraft and aircraft remnants and chronicles the origins of flight through to probably the late 20th century. Strangely, it seems to stop a few years...
  20. Danger

    Competition: Two AA eVIPs/SWUs to giveaway

    I have two American Airlines systemwide upgrades to giveaway to two AFF members. I have decided not to be involved in selecting the winners. If you wish to apply for an upgrade certificate, please send an email to with the title "AA upgrade" and short...