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    Question Hertz MXP (Milan) - will they honour my booking?

    Hi all, I have a reservation at Hertz MXP for a month from late July to late August 2019, for a group T3 (Mercedes E class AWD wagon, winterisation), which I made about three months ago. Cost is slightly less than EUR 800 including all required insurance. At the time of booking, I knew it was...
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    Singapore Airlines Price Match

    Hi all, Has anyone obtained a SQ Price Match? I am looking at flights from MEL to MXP in July/Aug 2019 and BYO Jet (owned by Flight Centre) are about 10% cheaper than direct from SQ! Difference totals $300-$400 for 2 adults and a child, which is not a small amount (and in light of Best Jet...
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    Hertz Gold Plus Rewards - Additional driver no longer free in Australia?

    There is no longer any reference on their website!
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    Mantra +

    Mantra are revamping Club CU Soon into Mantra + this month, with some useful benefits, including: - free drink on arrival; - late check out until 12 noon (previous benefit was 11am, compared with normal 10am for most); - free wifi - up to 1GB per day and up to 3 devices; - 10% off food and...
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    Hertz CDG

    Hi all, I've tentatively reserved a Mercedes E220 diesel sedan for 16 days in late July and August. Total price of EUR840 (~AU $1200), which is about half a C class and a quarter of an Audi A6. Supposedly guaranteed make/model. Downside is limited km (4,500/250 a day). Anyone had any...
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    Last Minute Secret Hotels

    Does anyone know what this mystery hotel in Port Douglas might be: I'm hoping it's the Sheraton.
  7. A queries

    I know a few members use and recommend, particularly for US car rentals. I currently have a booking with National through their UK website for a Mustang Convertible for 10 days in late August for US$478/GBP363 (~AU$640). Booking is pay at the time, not prepaid (the prepay discount...
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    Netflights Car Rental Queries

    I'm looking at renting a Mustang or Camaro (preferably Camaro) for 10 days in late August from LAX. As many here use and recommend Netflights, I checked their prices and they were the cheapest by a long way! Mustang convertible through Netflights is GBP302 (approx. AU$600) from Alamo and...
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    Hertz now has Mustangs in Melbourne and Sydney

    Hi all, As the heading notes, Hertz now Mustang GT 5.0L V8 coupes at Melbourne and Sydney, both airport and downtown locations. A couple of dummy searches shows price starts at about $225 a day. It appears the excess is $8,250+++, which it appears can be reduced to $0 with MAX cover at $40...
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    Hertz Audis

    Hi all, I've just discovered that I have access to a corporate rate that enables me to rent Audis at very reasonable rates - A3 $60; A4 $80; Q5 $85; Q7 $95 a day, with $770 excess. I haven't driven any Audis in a while (prefer BMW or Mercedes), nor have I rented from Hertz in a while, but...
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    Velocity SC's/Points on Hawaiian Inter-Island Flights

    Hi All, I flew HNL-KOA on 27/7/2015, KOA-OGG on 31/7/2015 & OGG-HNL on 4/8/2015. Flights were booked in Y/Coach - first flight was I class. I paid USD50 to upgrade the second and third flights to First (boarding passes show A class). This was done purely to earn higher SC's. I tried to retro...
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    iPhone app on iOS 9

    I upgraded my iPhone 6 to iOS 9 yesterday (17/9) and after signing into the AFF app (version 4.1.0), noticed a new layout and a number of detrimental changes, including: - can no longer see search function in main menu (or anywhere else); - main menu no longer shows private messages unread; -...
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    AT&T LTE (4G) Data SIM for iPad Air 2 (Nano?) with 638MB expiring Aug 25

    If anyone would like it, can post. Originally prepaid 2GB for USD 25. Can be topped up prior to Aug 25 - USD 10 per 500MB. Link to plans: GoPhone SIM for Your Tablet - AT&T
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    Jetstar Business Max Upgrade MEL-HNL

    Hi All, Last night I received an e-mail upgrade offer and paid $400 to upgrade to Business Max for a flight next Thursday. Having never flown Jetstar long haul, I have a few questions: 1. What is the best seat in Business? I'm 6'9" and have a choice of the following seats: 1E, 1F, 2E, 2F...
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    Virgin Australia (VA) - possible to link PNR's/bopkings?

    About to book a domestic flight with my gf, but they will be on separate PNR's - hers will be booked by her employer and mine will be an Amex freebie. She's Gold, I'm Red. Whilst it will only be a short flight - MEL - ADL (this time) - we would like to sit together. I'm 6'9", so have a strong...
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    Qantas up to 20% off selected domestic fares from Avis

    Just received an email offering up to 20% off selected domestic airfares until April 1, for flights 9 May until 16 September. Haven't checked any flights. Anyone else receive this?
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    Avis AKL/NZ - Credit Card Surcharge & other matters

    Hi all, I've just returned from NZ, where I rented a car from Avis at AKL. I noticed three things: 1. Upon collecting the car, a tiny little card on the counter advising that there is now a credit card surcharge 2% for Mastercard/Visa and 3% for Amex. Nowhere was this disclosed in the...
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    Woolworths/Caltex Petrol Sth Melb to surcharge Amex

    A heads up .... I filled up my Avis rental at Woolworths Caltex Petrol in Kings Way, South Melbourne, this morning and paid with Amex Plat Edge. EFTPoS machine wouldn't use pay wave or chip, only magnetic stripe with signature! I commented to the cashier that I was surprised this still hadn't...
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    Virgin's seat selection anomalies

    I'm booked on VA827 MEL-SYD this Thurs (Oct 16). Seat was booked via Amex as a free Plat Edge flight approx. a week ago. According to the Amex itinerary, it's booked into E class. I'm Velocity Red. My velocity number is in the booking. I'm the only person on the booking. Just tried to...
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    Cheapest ways to get to airports in Australia

    Great summary: