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  1. J

    Qantas doesn't care about priority boarding

    That's because it's QantasLink, technically "not Qantas", less staff.
  2. J

    Answered What is it with people/ PAX and lounge food

    This! Or PE. I admit to taking small waters/a bottle of water from the lounge if I don't have my refillable bottle with me (I get thirsty a lot).
  3. J

    I've been ripped off [Points stolen and used on Jetstar]

    Perhaps it's a bundle - such as a max (food/luggage/comfort pack & seat selection), odd amount would be the dynamic pricing for luggage JQ have? Maybe it's on Jetstar Asia/Japan? Hotel accommodation domestically? Seems odd there is no resolution thus far - I hope the OP gets their points back...
  4. J

    Seat Selection on QantasLink De Havilland DHC-8 400 Flight

    You can't do seat selection on Dash 8 services, I think exits can be done/pre purchased sometimes though. Manual flight editing is done the day before, by QLink staff, generally stuff like assistance and seating families together. Just ask the gate staff before boarding time, hopefully you...
  5. J

    Priority boarding on QF domestic - what is the story?

    This would require the group being at the gate first...and being organised with own boarding passes in hand. It's single door on a Cobham/QLink 717, with the Ground Staff doing the priority/J scanning (hence the slowness a lot of the time).
  6. J

    Qantas cancelling flights

    . I've heard that JQ Ground staff often compete to see who leaves first (race between 611 and whatever the last MEL one is). Crew are AVV, and always want to go home on time/early!
  7. J

    There Is No Harm In Asking [BA delays and baggage challenges]

    What kind of plane was it? I work for a regional carrier, and generally they know ahead of boarding if the plane will be overweight or not (eg, at least after checkin has closed and they have all the weights and fuel figures!). What a frustrating situation!
  8. J

    QF to fly BENDIGO to SYD!

    I heard it was "Engineering"
  9. J

    SYD Dom J and QP evacuated

    Damage is pretty severe, big fire in the kitchen. Triggered a whole bunch of things from what I heard.
  10. J

    Acronyms on JQ Boarding Passes

    IFOO - inflight entertainment, CODE- codeshare flight, PACK- comfort pack
  11. J

    Acronyms on JQ Boarding Passes

    TIA is (I think) a reference to immigration/something related to it? OBEX is exemption from Oversize fees, WCEM on-line checkin.
  12. J

    Acronyms on JQ Boarding Passes

    WCAP and WCES are references to online check-in. Started appearing late last year, had to do with upgrading/changing electronic boarding passses.
  13. J

    JQ Mobile Boarding Passes

    Yep, it will have a link to download and will appear in the Passbook (iphone).
  14. J

    Acronyms on JQ Boarding Passes

    Refers to seat selection zone, from what I've seen (I gather it was a non-upfront, non-emergency exit selection?)
  15. J

    Acronyms on JQ Boarding Passes

    As previously stated, HVC= High Value Customer. Not sure what exactly it 'gives' you, but this may mean a high level Qantas FF, or a company that buys a heap of tickets with jetstar.
  16. J

    JQ Mobile Boarding Passes

    The SMS boarding passes are being phased out and replaced with QR codes very, very, soon. The 'random letters and numbers' are like that so they can work as a boarding pass on older non-smart mobiles.