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    Gas Log Fires

    Hi Looking for any help on Gas Log Fires. We have an existing fireplace but not keen to go down the purchase of wood anymore. Have had a look at a few suppliers but have also heard some not good stories about after sales service. Issues with fans etc Also seem to be a big difference in...
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    1000 Bonus Points

    Bonus points offer Earn 1,000 Qantas Points You may have heard that Uber and Qantas have partnered to help make your door to door airport journeys more rewarding. Now, Uber riders can earn Qantas Points when riding with Uber to or from eligible Australian airports+. To celebrate our new...
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    Donating a beautiful Gingerbread House

    Hi All. I was given as a gift from a large hotel chain a beautiful gingerbread house. I would like to donate it but lots of charities will not accept it because it’s a perishable foodstuff Anyone have any ideas ? My mums church will take it and raffle it off which in hindsight I probably...
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    Free One QC voucher expires Dec 17

    Free to a good home 1 x QC voucher for Qantas Club Domestic or International Lounge happy to post out today, just send me address by PM
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    Phone and Internet down for 2 weeks now

    Hoping to get some assistance here, out of the blue two weeks ago (21/11) phone and internet (with iinet) went down in Vic 3765..ran thru all the normal tests and issues with iinet to find out there was a Telstra issue in the next street, (apparently a lightning strike) was told that would be...
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    Any communications techs out there?

    With iinet for my phone and internet, all of sudden yesterday morning could not receive emails or receive tel calls, checked everything but to no avail, IInet say no outages in my area? checked all plugs, checked the modem etc..don't know what else to do, turned everything off and back on but...
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    3000 AA miles for $12.00US

    Hi All..might be of interest to some thru the AA E shop portal $12.00 US for 3000 AA miles I have signed up and will cancel after 60 days - not sure when the miles post though Earn 1500 3000 miles Was 1500 Now Earn 3000 miles at The Economist The Economist offers authoritative insight...
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    Aeroplane Oxygen Mask need for Conference

    Hi All I am arranging a conference in Melbourne and need to buy or hire/loan an oxygen mask similar to the aircraft ones - the theme being: “In times of change, first put on your own mask and then help your team put theirs on”. Any ideas or suggestions - need for last week in September for 2 days
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    Suggestions for Air BNB Washington, Nashville & LA

    Hi All Will be in Washington DC for about a week April 2018 then onto Nashville and LA. for about a week each...think we would prefer Air BNB but not sure what areas to stay in. Washington would like to be able to walk or metro/bus around easily for the major sites and be close to...
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    Sheffield UK

    Just had our 3rd stay at the Hampton Inn at West Bar Sheffield - within walking distance to the Town Centre and as a major city there are loads of shops/restaurants etc. The hotel itself was a little more run down than previous but very good value and includes a full breakfast. Staff are...
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    If you want to stay in the Cotswolds

    Can highly recommend the New Bungalow in Cirencester Self Catering Accommodation in Cirencester at The New Bungalow we paid about 99 UK pounds a night and dealt with the owners direct Cirencester is a lovely ancient Roman Town with a great museum and handy shops about ten minutes away by car...
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    Sofitel Heathrow Airport

    Spent one night here prior to early flight next day. It really is the most convenient hotel with a walk way through to Terminal 5. Lovely hotel, fantastic rooms and bedding was so comfortable. Evening reception was OK, not alot of food on offer but enough along with wines and limited spirits...
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    Taxes and change fees question

    Not sure if I should have posted in the One World Thread so apologies but not strictly a OWE Award - I have a booking from Melbourne to Manchester via HK next year and then a few weeks later onwards to Washington and home via LA (all J Class) 280k points but really only 4 stops. Did...
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    Enjo - Sante Products for travel

    Hi there...I am late to the party and just heard about these microfiber cloths for skin cleansing from Enjo Sante - has anyone used and as I am leaving on Thursday for overseas for a month any ideas on how I can get them quickly in Melbourne..Called Enjo but they have to be shipped from WA and...
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    MEL-LHR With EY - Do you get pyjamas at any stage/tips for clothes etc.

    Hi All Just working out my travel clothes for July for the above trip in J and wondering do Etihad supply PJ's for all or part of the journey? Also anyone know what's in the current amenity kits Would also be interested to know what the ladies on here travel in for long haul flights and any...
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    Just flew QF 29 and QF30 - very ordinary experience

    I have not flown QF Y class internationally for a while but found our flights to and from HK were very ordinary...paid for exit row seats and loved the extra leg room but the seating itself was so narrow and hardly any cushioning in the seat itself....the meal on the way over was OK (pasta) but...
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    Question for ladies who shop in Hong Kong

    Hi..Will be there for 5 days over Easter and I know the shopping is not as good but any tips welcome, not really looking for fake bags or anything just good but not really high end shopping, also anything in the cosmetic line or pharmac_ that we cannot get here or pay a lot for. Any...
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    Dubai Jumeirah Beach Hotels with Exec Lounge

    First time in Dubai in August for 3 nights and after reading some of the reports today wondering why I am going but its booked so now looking for an hotel recommendation with club access for breakfast and evening drinks/canapés..currently looking at The Hilton on the walk and Sofitel..Don't want...
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    New to Expert Flyer Premium

    Hi Have just signed up to Expert Flyer premium (monthly) as want to search for some J class seats Mel-LHR in late June..I already have seats booked with AA Miles in July but want something a few days earlier. AA tell me on every phone call nothing is available, Qantas shows availability but...
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    Help Using Miles with AA / Site keeps returning flight not available

    Hi All Have spent the last 48 hours trying to book business class or First Melbourne to Heathrow June or July, I know this is a busy time but the AA site shows availability especially for 1st class with Qantas but when I go to book it returns with a message "Flight no longer available" have...