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    Exiting LAX

    A quick one for the frequent LAX travellers. I departed LAX on a qantas flight the other day and did not go through any customs / immigration procedures. Just got a boarding pass at the ticketing counter and then queued up to go through the xray, remove shoes area and handed in the stapled...
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    Hotel in LA

    I am traveling to the US next week and this time am taking a couple of days on my own time in LA. Can anyone recomend a hotel thats convenient to both LAX and close enough to go and do some shopping sight seeing etc. would suggest $200AUD as maximum but as this is on my own money as opposed to...
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    Qantas - Sould I bother ?

    Guys, my first post so please bare with me, long time reader first time Poster. I travel a fair bit for work, but not as much as many of you, perhaps 15 domestic trips a year and 5-6 international. Domestically travel is full price economy, I need the flexibility of chnageable ticketsetc...