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    What is the worst snack on Qantas flights?

    Some of the snacks (never mind the meals) are pretty horrible in the cardboard. What's the worst though? Haven't covered everything I suppose. Other options welcome.
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    What is the best special meal to request on QF domestic?

    While chewing through my cold tasteless chicken pasta salad the other night flying MEL ADL I noted that more and more people were getting special meals. Not only that but they looked far tastier. Of the special meals: vegan, lacto-ovo, halal, kosher, diabetic (any more?) which is the best...
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    Why did Ansett collapse?

    As this forum has gone deathly quiet in the past few weeks I thought I'd liven up things. Is no one flying? Are we all waiting to go on Jet*? Anyway my question: now that over 2 years of dust has settled does anyone know the real reason Ansett collapsed? These are the 'reasons' I hear: 1...
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    list of IATA airport & airline codes plus humorous acron

    I was trying to find a decent list of all the IATA codes (LHR, SYD, BKK etc) when I came across this website. I've not seen this list before - I'm sure some of you old hands are familiar with it but for some of those with smaller wings who may not understand some of the jargon involving airlines...
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    Using United Airlines points

    I did a one-off flight to the USA a couple of years back and earned about 30 000 air miles. Unlikely to fly with them again for work so I won't earn any more. I've played around on their website trying to book an award flight (a while back) with no success - seemed like there was some bug in...
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    I'll never fly Virgin Blue again! What a debacle!

    My company (largish multinational) had decided to save us some money by booking us on Virgin Blue (DJ) when bookings were made on short notice. After quite a few less-than-ideal experiences I managed to ensure I did not travel DJ for 12 months until this weekend just gone. I attended a...
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    Chifley/Country Comfort Escape Club changes

    I am a member of the Constellation Hotels (Chifley, Country Comfort) Escape Club which isn't too bad. After 15 nights spent at their hotels (mainly NSW but also interstate except WA and Tas) you get a voucher for a free 2 night stay at any of their hotels. I find this is a great incentive to...
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    Seating preference - who gets what?

    I'm a Gold QFF and fly quite a bit domestically and occasionally internationally. Haven't made Platinum at any stage. I was wondering how on some flights like SYD-MEL, even though I have a forward/aisle seating preference I often end up at least 10 rows back in Economy if not more sometimes...
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    New Townsville Qantas Club open

    On my regular visits to TSV I've been watching the new terminal take shape. Wonder of wonders last visit the new Qantas Club was open! The great thing is that it is now on the other side of the security minefield so when the flight is called you don't have to walk past the queues at check-in...
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    landing 'incident' - keep us informed please

    Flew back (Qantas) from Perth on Sunday (13th July) and was coming into Sydney to land on the old East-West runway (from the west). We got to about 100 m above the ground and then suddenly took off again. We then did a fairly wobbly old circle around northern Sydney for 15 minutes before trying...
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    Using upgrade credits

    I have 3 upgrade credits which expire in September. Must these be used for flights before this date or do they just have to be booked before this date? I'd like to use them on an international flight in October but if not then what are the chances of an upgrade on a Perth flight? Buckleys is...
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    Redeeming QFF or credit card points (CBA) for Hotel stays

    Hi. I'm a newcomer - just found your site. I am trying to organise a weekend in Tassie using points. The flights are okay - plenty available but I was trying to work out how to use points for a hotel stay in Hobart. Can't find any info on hotels offering stays for points on either the QFF...