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  1. simongr

    The End - sort of...

    Well back again if only briefly. After four months without work (including weeks spent prepping the house for sale and an overseas vacation) - today I started my new job at [insert company here]! Great on some levels (income is good) but the downside for me (on some levels) is there is zero...
  2. simongr

    Not around much at the moment

    Just in case anyone was wondering since being made redundant I don't think I have ever been as busy - mostly with jobs around the house. With a distinct lack of travel there hasn't been much to share either. I will be back at some point. Cheers and happy travels. S
  3. simongr

    Personal Network/Contacts manager app - any ideas

    Hi all Just mulling on something that has been on my mind for a while now and I have not been able to find a neat solution to a challenge I am having. In my current (and soon to be ex) role as [insert role] I work across a multinational corporation with a primary focus on the local...
  4. simongr

    Credit card sized gadgets - what do you have?

    Hi all I am progressively fuelling my obsession with credit card sized gadgets and devices and was wondering what other people use/have and whether they are travel related. I am always on the lookout for small things that can be used when travelling. I have had an eye on the Swiss Army Card...
  5. simongr

    JQ35 travel planning

    Hi all I am finally going to be doing a JQ35 run in a couple of weeks. Back story is that my job relocated to Melbourne and I elected not to go so am being made redundant. I have been going to MEL weekly for most of the past year and my last trip in the current job is in a couple of weeks...
  6. simongr

    Activity statement borked?

    Hi Just wondering if anyone else is having issues with their QF activity statement. I have logged in on different computers and when I get to the activity statement I get no detail - just the title "Period x to y". I have used Safari on an iMac and Firefox portable on a PC laptop (so...
  7. simongr

    New GM at HOTP - Brett Christ

    Just got into HOTP and my welcome card advised that Brett Christ has now taken over as GM. For those that don't know he was GM at HSW.
  8. simongr

    Excel help

    Hi all Hopefully an easy one. I am just trying to put together a budget for a new mortgage based on our current mortgage, some upcoming permanent cost savings, various interest rates and loan sizes. What I want to do is have a formula that looks for the max repayment I think we can afford...
  9. simongr

    Minimum Time remaining on passport inbound to Oz and EU

    Hi all Just prompted by dfcatch's rookie mistake (leaving his passport at home) I was reminded that boygr will have about six months remaining on both his UK and Oz passports and was wondering if there are any minimum requirements for entry into the EU and Oz for citizens of those respective...
  10. simongr

    HOP (Melbourne Hilton On the Park) Rooms and general discussion

    Back at HOTP - $195 rate. Two bottles of water and standard upgrade to relaxation suite. Card signed by the business manager who I liaised with to agree the rate. In a bit of shock as I am on the non-MCG side of the hotel. I have never been on that side of the hotel :shock: everything is...
  11. simongr

    How old are you thread deleted?

    Hi Just wondering if the how old is everybody thread has been closed or deleted? It is showing in the various sections (playground, today's posts, new posts) but clicking on the link takes you to an invalid thread warning...
  12. simongr

    EK bookings on QF website?

    HI all Just wondering if we are expecting to see EK bookings on our bookings page on the QF website? I booked my first flight on EK this morning, my QFF number is in the booking and status is being recognised (3rd row of whY and 50KGs of luggage for me). Just wondering if it should show up...
  13. simongr

    QF not requiring Q streaming iPads to be shut down during landing....

    Hi all Currently sat on the delayed QF409 to MEL and have now seen Pia Miller's intro to Q streaming a few times. I just noticed that the instructions do not require the QF iPads to be shut down for landing. The instructions very clearly say "when you have finished with Q streaming just...
  14. simongr

    Check in flying SYD-MEL-LHR

    Hi all Just a quick one - if flying SYD-MEL-LHR on QF from the DOM terminal in SYD is there an international connections check in desk still? I haven't done this for a while and have a trip coming up. Cheers S
  15. simongr

    Best way to upload videos to the site?

    Hi all Just wondering what the best way to upload short video is? I want to upload a couple of short videos as part of my F1 trip reports. I was going to use youtube but that reveals to much personal information. Any thoughts? S
  16. simongr

    An awesome Grand Prix of Awesomeness

    From hubris to awesome So awilcockson mentioned in the P1 special benefits thread that he got a ticket to the [-]Thursday[/-] Friday at the Grand Prix courtesy of QF. My response was of course “Hey isn’t that great!” but a whiney “hmph I didn’t get anything”. The response to that was not the...
  17. simongr

    Just confirming no kids size PJs in J on QF

    Hi all Just checking something - QF do NOT give out PJs in J that are suitable for kids - and by kids I mean 4 - 5 year olds. I wouldn't have noticed before but am assuming no PJs. We are coming up with a plan to convert an adult's set to kid's size...
  18. simongr

    Detailed information on QF/EK arrangements released

    Hi all markis10 provided the link below in Berlin's thread to address their questions. Given the level of detail in the link below I thought this deserved its own thread. There are some interesting tid-bits in there: A...
  19. simongr

    Awesome F1 ticket up for grabs for non-status AFFer

    Hi all Due to the generosity of bossreggie I have an absolutley awesome ticket to race day at the F1 in Melbourne next week to give away. The ticket comprises seats in the Fangio Grandstand and access to the Fangio lounge hosted by Qantas. The hitch is how to decide to whom to give the...
  20. simongr

    Guessing this flight is pretty full and the chance of a points upgrade small

    Was hoping to use points to upgrade to J tonight as I just saw it has dreamtime seats (MEL-SYD) but based on the fare bucket availability I am guessing that is unlikely: J3 C0 D0 I0 U0 Y3 B0 H0 K0 M0 L0 G0 E0 I don't think I have seen such low availability on a domestic flight :shock...